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Metamorphosis of Frankenstein

On Wednesday 7th November 2018 we were thrilled to welcome Year 9 students from local schools, President Kennedy, Whitley Academy and George Dixon Academy to take part in a Faculty of Arts taster day looking at the text of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein from the perspective of different Arts subjects.

The departments of English, History, History of Art, Film & TV Studies and Liberal Arts came together to deliver an interactive day in celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The day gave students an insight in to how Arts subjects view the material from different perspectives and inspired students to continue studying Arts subjects to GCSE and beyond.

As part of the event we held a competition where students were asked to write a letter of advice to Victor Frankenstein after receiving a letter from him stating his interest in undertaking experiments to bring people back to life.

The academic judging panel were very impressed with the entries but selected a winner, an honourable mention and funniest letter which are shared below:

WINNER - A student from George Dixon Academy

Dear Victor,

I love how ambitious you are on bringing people back to life. I love how you are ambitious with everything you put your mind to. But to be honest, I do not think this is the wisest decision. Think about it. What if your creation ends up to be a ruthless monster? What if your creation ends catastrophically? What if your creation is not who you think it is? What if? There are so many things that could go wrong. I understand that bringing people back to life is the next step to humanity. But what if it's the wrong step?

Please put my thoughts and considerations into mind. Then say to yourself...

Is this the right thing to do?

Yours sincerely,

HONOURABLE MENTION - A student from President Kennedy School

Dear Victor Frankenstein,

I am writing to you regarding your current interest about reanimating the dead. I am writing to you not as your Professor but as your friend for a plea. Please regard your morality. You cannot disrespect what was once life and you cannot play God. Your hand cannot sway the way of life. Consider the line which if you cross you cannot come back. Consider what is a human. Surely not what you are trying to create. I cannot change your mind but I hope I can advise you.

Your friend,

MOST FUNNY - A student from President Kennedy School

Dear Victor Frankenstein,

I am writing to you to tell you about my eager interest in your death to life experiment.

I am very enthusiastic about this topic and am very intrigued with your experiment. If we can bring people back from the dead, imagine the look on peoples faces. If you were to take me on, I am able to donate fresh body parts from my graveyard (I will make sure you will get the freshest) to fit your experiments. Don't forget about my enormous working space and instruments. I believe in Galvanism as I believe that God gave us this power to use.

Yours sincerely,