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Academic Assignment


The Academic Assignment is a compulsory part of the Realising Opportunities programme. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to understand, apply and analyse information - key skills required to be successful at university.

Important notice

If you are doing an EPQ with your school, you DON'T need to complete an Academic Assignment.

If you are doing an Nuffield Project you can use your findings as part of your assignment.

The University and the Outreach Team are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment. We have a number of policies and procedures in place that contribute to our safeguarding commitment, including our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. Please note that all meetings with your tutors should be arranged in a public space in your school or on our campus. You need to ensure that you email the time and place of these meetings to and tell your parents and school where you are at that time. You and your tutors should only be contacting each other via the online platform and not through any other means, even if it is a Warwick email address. If you have any concerns about the behaviour of your tutor towards you or any other tutees, please report it to Marie Diebolt at 


From 15th May until 7th September 2019 you will be supported by one of our Warwick tutors, a PhD student at Warwick.You will be able to communicate with them via the RO website.

Here are some key dates, for your diary

Wednesday 15th May between 10am - 12pm - Skills4Uni Workshop (more information has been sent to you by email)

Between 15th May and 30th June - Meet with your tutor face to face at the Library

Between July and August - send your drafts to your tutor via the Online platform

First week of September - Upload your draft onto the website and we will check your references

Second week of September - arrange a final meeting face to face with your tutor to review your final draft

Monday 7th October - Upload your final essay onto the website

Outcomes about your essay will be communicated by the Central Team by 15th January 2020

To help you get started

Log in onto the website and check that you are happy with the subject area assigned to you and that you have been assigned a tutor.

Write a message to your tutor to introduce yourself and tell your tutor when you are available to meet between 15th May and 30th June (the earlier, the better).

If the subject area assigned to you is incorrect or you have not been assigned a tutor please contact 

What will happen at the first meeting?

The first meeting will take place at the Warwick Library on a time and date that you have agreed with your tutor. It is your responsibility to let your tutor know if you are unable to attend and to make your own way to the Library.

Your tutor will spend 45 minutes with you.

They will propose to you some titles which have been approved by the Realising Opportunities board. The titles should be loosely linked to a subject you are interested in.

Once you have chosen a title, you will be discussing it in more details and your tutor will offer some resources and give you some line of enquiries to start your research.

More support and resources  

You should have received an Academic Assignment guide at home but you can also download it here.

You should have also received a letter at home giving you access to our Library. Please bring it with you and any form of idea to get access to our Library at any time. You will not be able to borrow books but you can consult them onsite.

If you have any issues with your research, please contact first your tutor.

If you have any issues with your tutor please contact as soon as possible
Marie Diebolt— 

Good luck with your research!