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RO Events Year 12 Sign Up Form

Please confirm your attendance to the following events by ticking the relevant box. If you are not able to attend you will need to contact the programme manager as soon as possible to discuss an alternative.

Note the following:

Transport to the National Conference will be by coach and organised and paid for by us. All transport to the University Campus needs to be organised by yourself but we can support you with arrangements and we can help towards the cost.

Parents and teachers are invited to attend the launch but this is not compulsory for them.

You will need to provide an Emergency contact name and number available for us to contact while you are attending the events below. Please provide the name and at least one number of a parent/carer where possible or of someone over 18, do not use your own mobile number as we would need to call them in case of an emergency.

Please check your Welcome packs you have sent to your home address as they will contain more information about each event.
* indicates a required field

Privacy statement

This form will be used to manage attendance at an event. Your attendance at the event will be recorded and associated with your name, but no other personally identifiable data will be stored, and the data will not be used for any purpose other than as a record of the event and to contact you about the event.
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