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GCSE Revision Bootcamp

Applications are now open!

The University of Warwick is committed to working with young people to maximise their academic potential. We are offering Year 11 students the opportunity to participate in a 3-day, non-residential GCSE Revision Bootcamp during the Easter holidays.

Participants will learn, revise and study one subject area intensively and we aim to provide a packed timetable, which will be constructive, valuable and enjoyable. Each day will be hosted at the University of Warwick, but sessions will be delivered by qualified teachers with vast experience in their subject areas.

Tuesday 12 - Thursday 14 April 2022

University of Warwick's Campus

Subject Choice:
You can choose one of English Language, Mathematics, Dual Science Award, Biology, Chemistry or Physics

NB: You can only choose one subject during the Bootcamp, so please choose the one you feel you need the most support with.

The GCSE Revision Bootcamp is offered at no-cost to participants

Transport to and from campus:
The GCSE Revision Bootcamp team will support with travel to and from campus each day.

What have previous participants said about the GCSE Revision Bootcamp?

"Was very personalised as they taught us topics in which we felt we had gaps, and they did a good job of teaching us whilst making sure we were keeping up"

"I received personal feedback and also one to one help with content that I didn't understand"

"The maths sessions addressed everything I felt like I struggled with, and I feel very confident going forward into the maths exams, especially after the work covered with algebraic fractions and proofs. The multiple worksheets I have received will be very useful"

"Every concern I had was addressed, and thanks to my English Language teacher at the GCSE Revision Bootcamp, I'm confident that I know how to move on and develop my skills"

"It was a brilliant experience, I advise others who get the opportunity to come here, to do just that"

"I would like to say a big thank you for the opportunity as it has given me an insight to university life but also allowed me to strengthen my knowledge in a subject I was lacking confidence in"

"The most useful aspect was that the Physics sessions were interesting and engaging - we weren't just told the information"

"The most useful part of the GCSE Revision Bootcamp for me was every single session that I had with my teacher, meeting the ambassadors and having the chance to talk with them about the University of Warwick"

"Exam techniques, acronyms, revision sessions"

Please complete the online application form by Monday 21 March 2022 to secure your place on this year's Bootcamp!

In order to apply, please click on the following link to access the online application form!