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UniTracks Year 11

Welcome back to UniTracks!


Now that you're in Year 11, we want to start helping you make the most of your GCSEs and start giving some real thought to what you might want to do at university. To help you, we want to offer as much in the way of exam revision as we can as well as giving you the chance to see different kinds of universities in action.

If you're going to be switching schools at the end of this year, either to a sixth form or college, PLEASE update your details. You are a UniTracks member regardless of which school you attend, but we can't keep in touch unless we know how to get a hold of you.


GCSE Revision Bootcamp

Easter 2016

As Year 11 is such a key year for you, our main activity is a revision bootcamp that will be held during your Easter holiday. We will be in touch in the next few weeks to give you more details about this, including how to sign u

Jade, Year 11, RSA Arrow Vale, Redditch "When I first got the letter, I have to admit, I was pretty nervous. But as soon as I got there, everything changed. I was welcomed in with open arms and by the end of the three days, I felt so comfortable around everyone. The revision and work I did there was extremely helpful for me and now I'm back in school, I fly through these topics with ease. The three days definitely changed my perspective and work, but also improved my self-confidence. I wouldn't miss this opportunity, no matter how shy you are, because there will always be one person around that you'll end up being friends with straight away"
  • Unless otherwise noted, all UniTracks events are coordinated through your school. Please speak to your UniTracks link teacher or the head of your year.
  • There is no cost to attending the events coordinated by UniTracks
  • Events offered by other partners may incur a charge, but this will be explained clearly before you choose to sign up
  • Transportation can be organised through UniTracks and we will do everything possible to pay for travel
  • All events and event details are subject to change and cancellation without notice.

Information, advice and guidance

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Remember, one of the benefits of being a UniTracks member is that you get free access to IGGY -- the International Gateway for Gifted Youth. If you've lost your login details or haven't yet taken advantage of this, please get in touch.


For more information on UniTracks, our events, your free IGGY membership, or university in general, please contact our office via one of the following:

  • Telephone: 024 7652 4773
  • Email: unitracks at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Mobile: 07876 218090 (When texting, please include your name and school year)
  • Fax: 024 7652 4649
  • Facebook, Twitter (using the hashtag #unitracks)



Upcoming events

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