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Request a DBS Check

Please complete the below web-form if you believe that you may require a DBS Check for your research or placement as part of a course at Warwick.

If you are volunteering in a project with Warwick Volunteers, you will need to contact them directly to organise your check at If you are a paid member of staff, your DBS Check will need to be completed by our HR department.

Once we receive your form, our Disclosures Team will assess whether the role that you are undertaking will require you to have a DBS Check, and will email you to let you know the outcome, or to request further information. If a DBS Check is required, you will then be emailed with instructions on how to complete the DBS application.

When is a DBS Check required?

We are only allowed to check someone's criminal record in certain circumstances. Please see the below links for information on when a DBS Check is required.

DBS Eligibility Tool:

DBS Eligibility Guidance:

If you are not sure whether your research/ placement requires a DBS Check, please complete the DBS web-form below and we will advise you further.


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The information that you provide on this form will be used to assess your eligibility to apply for a DBS Check. We will endeavour to contact you within 5 working days. We will not send you any information beyond that which you have requested, nor will we use the data for any other purpose.
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