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Identification documents

In order to support your DBS application you will need to provide at least 3 original items of identification. Please click on the link for information on what documents we can accept:

Checklist of Identification Documents(Word Document)

If you are unable to provide an item of identification from Group 1 please contact disclosures at warwick dot ac dot uk

ALL documents must show your full official current name, or include proof of change of name. If you have ever been known by any other name(s) you must provide proof to support your change of name.

Please note: You will need to provide the original documents, which can either be sent to us via post or brought in to the Student Reception in Senate House to be photocopied. However, you must provide at least one form of Group 1 photo ID in person. You may also be asked to bring identification documents with you to an interview or Selection Centre. Failure to provide original documents will result in your application being delayed.