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Non UK checks

If you have spent 6 months or more overseas in the past 5 years you will be required to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the country you were residing in. This is required as the DBS only conduct checks within the U.K and you are required to provide evidence that you do not hold a criminal record overseas. It is important to start the process for obtaining the relevant overseas checks as soon as possible, as it can take some time for them to be obtained.

The DBS website provides guidance on obtaining a criminal record check from a range of countries:

Alternatively you should contact the relevant Embassy or the police station local to where you were living at the time. We require an official document which states that the criminal records database(s) have been searched, and the details of anything returned should be listed. Some countries advise that if you have not committed any crimes then you will not be on their database. If this is the case then we will require a letter which states that they have searched their database but that no match has been found. If the document that you receive is in a language other than English then we will also require an official translation.

You should then provide us with the original document, and a certified translation (if applicable) in order for you to complete the DBS checking process. Please note that you should not delay completion of your UK DBS application whilst awaiting this information: the DBS application and the non-UK check can be in process simultaneously.

If you are unable to obtain a ‘certificate of good conduct’, please email for more guidance.