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DBS Application Process

Please note: If you already have a DBS disclosure obtained through the University of Warwick, please email (with the date of the disclosure and the 'position applied for' on the certificate) and we will advise you if you can use your existing disclosure. If you have a certificate that was issued by an organisation that is not the University of Warwick, then we will not be able to accept this disclosure certificate.

If we determine that you are required to obtain an enhanced DBS disclosure through the University of Warwick then you will need to go through the following process:

1. Receive an email from the Disclosures Team with a link to complete the DBS application form

We will send you an email containing instructions and a link to register to complete the online DBS application. For offer-holders starting a course in October, we start sending these emails out from around February.

Please add our e-mail address ( to your address book or ‘safe list’ to ensure that this e-mail is not delivered to your spam/junk folder.

2. Complete the online DBS application form

Follow the steps on the online form and submit your application. This will require you to list all addresses that you have lived in during the last 5 years (including term-time and overseas addresses). Please also ensure that you declare any previous names or alternative spellings of your name that you have been officially known by.

If you require a non-UK Check, we would advise you to also start the process for obtaining this at this point.

3. Verification of your DBS application

If you have already provided your ID documents (e.g. at your interview), then we will automatically verify your DBS application using your ID documents. Please allow at least a week for us to complete this verification. If you have not heard from us after a week, please feel free to email us for an update on the status of your application.

If we require any further ID documents at this stage, we will email you to request that you provide them.

Your details will be checked against the ID documents that you have provided and the information contained on your course application form (applicants) or student record (current students).

If you have not provided all of the requiried identification documents please either:

- Bring the original documents to the Student Reception in Senate House to be checked, photocopied and forwarded on to us.

- Post the original documents to the Disclosures Team using the address at the foot of this page (Please note that we need to see at least one photo ID in Group 1 in person).

4. Pay for your DBS Check

After we have verified your application it will be submitted to Online Disclosures. If you are required to pay for your DBS application, payment will also now be requested, and will be made online directly to Online Disclosures

Online Disclosures will countersign your application and submit it to the DBS. You can track the progress of your application online at any time by logging in to your Online Disclosures account.

5. Receive your DBS Check

When the DBS have completed all revelant checks they will post you a disclosure certificate. This will be sent directly from the DBS to whatever address you listed as your current address on your DBS application. Keep this certificate safe as you may be required to produce it when undertaking research or placements on your course. The University of Warwick will not receive a copy of your certificate and the DBS do not issue replacements.

If the certificate is clear Online Disclosures will notify us. You do not need to provide us with a copy.

If content has been disclosed on the certificate please e-mail for further advice.

6. Subscribe to the Update Service (optional)

You may also want to subscribe to the DBS Update Service (which may enable you to use your DBS Check for other institutions).

For further information please visit the following webpage:

Update Service

7. Send evidence of the non-UK check (if required) to the Disclosures Team

If you have lived overseas within the last five years (for a period of six months or more) you will also be required to obtain evidence of good conduct from those countries. For information on the process of obtaining such evidence please visit the following webpage:

Non UK Checks

Please note that you should not delay completion of your UK DBS application whilst awaiting this information: the DBS application and the non-UK check can be in process simultaneously.