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Sponsorship Form

This form is not an application form for any form of sponsorship from the University. It is only intended for you to notify us of sponsorship arrangements you have already made, either with the University or with a private sponsor.

Only complete this form if:
• A private company or other organisation will be paying your fees to the University on your behalf.

Do Not complete this form if:
• You will be receiving UK Government tuition fee support (full-time undergraduates only)
• Your parents/guardians/relatives will be paying your fees.
• A private company or other organisation will pay your fees to you, so that you can pay the University.

Students must ensure they have sufficient funds to cover the academic and living costs for the duration of their course before they arrive at the University. If asked, students must be able to satisfy the University that they have sufficient funds. Registration at the University is only complete on the payment of all fees.

If you have an enquiry regarding this form, please contact (not the Postgraduate Admissions team).

•Attach a copy of any documentation confirming your sponsorship.
•If your sponsor fails to pay your fees within 30 days of receipt of an invoice, the fees will automatically be transferred to your account and you will be held liable for their payment in full.
• Please note most UK organisations require a purchase order number before a payment can be made, please ensure that if this is a requirement the number is quoted below.

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This details you supply on this form will be used to invoice for your tuition fees.
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