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Requesting a printed unconditional offer letter

Congratulations on your offer of a place to study at postgraduate level with us here at The University of Warwick.

Please complete your details below to request a hard copy unconditional offer letter, which can be sent as a scanned copy attached to an email and/or by post. Please specify how you wish to receive it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have requested for a letter to be sent by post, we will always send it by normal mail (2nd class delivery for UK address and normal airmail for non-UK address). Please allow time for it to arrive.

IMPORTANT NOTE for offerholders who will require a visa (leave to enter) to study in the UK
The unconditional offer letter you are requesting here is NOT a Visa Letter and cannot be used in support of an application for a Tier 4 General Student Visa. We will automatically provide you with a CAS number (which is only required if you are applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) if you are an overseas fee payer and choose to accept our unconditional offer of place. We are not able to supply your CAS number more than 6 months before the start date for your course. If you are a home fee payer but will require a visa to study in the UK please contact The Postgraduate Admissions Team using our enquiry form at
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We would be grateful if you could please tell us your reason for requesting a printed offer letter (to help us in improving our service to applicants in the future).

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The data supplied in this form will be used to update the record we hold of your application for postgraduate study at The University of Warwick, to provide you with the printed unconditional offer letter you have requested and to inform our admissions procedures for the future.
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