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What happens next?

There are several steps that will happen next...

Some of the following steps may only apply to some offer holders.

1. Please respond to your offer by either accepting it, or declining it, as soon as possible

Please confirm whether you are accepting or declining your offer as soon as you possibly can. This is a required step towards securing your place. If you wish to decline your offer we may be then be able to offer a place to another candidate.

2. Please pay your deposit if your course requires one

Some courses require the payment of a deposit in order to secure a place. In such cases, your formal offer email will confirm if such a deposit is required. If you are still unsure, you can see a list of courses that require deposits (along with the payment forms) here.

3. Please provide evidence that you satisfy any conditions attached to your offer

If you have been given a conditional offer, your place can only be secured once you have demonstrated that you have satisfied all of these conditions. The usual conditions will require you prove you meet our academic entry standards, English proficiency levels, or that we have received two satisfactory references. Your offer will set out your specific offer conditions (if any).

Each time we receive a document from you, whether in hardcopy or electronically, we will acknowledge receipt and also confirm if it has satisfied one or more of your offer conditions. These emails will also outline any remaining conditions you may have. In order to satisfy most conditions, we will need to see the original or attested document meaning we will not be able to accept scanned copies. 

4. If you require a Tier 4 Student visa to study in the UK you will require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (a CAS) from us.

Once you hold an unconditional offer, and assuming there is less than four months before your course commences, we will email you the information required to obtain a CAS from Warwick. This email includes the personal information you provided on your application for you to check against your passport and other official documents. You must ensure that we hold exactly the same information as your original documents show. Any discrepancy (however small) may result in a visa refusal.

This email provides a link via which you can confirm all your details are correct (and for you to make a full declaration relating to the immigration rules), or where you can provide amendments to the information we hold about you. In the latter case, we'll make those amendments and invite you to review your details once more to confirm everything is now in order. After you have confirmed all your details are correct, we will check your declaration and, assuming your application is in order, issue you with a CAS.

Please visit the Immigration Service webpages for help and advice on applying for a visa. 

Throughout the admissions process we will communicate with you via the email address you gave on your application (or which you asked to subsequently amend). It is possible to request a hardcopy letter confirming your unconditional offer from us.

If you require such a letter (eg. for a scholarship application) we will provide you with a link to request such a letter once you have received an unconditional offer from us. Please be aware, though, that this letter cannot be used to support a visa application (you require a CAS - see point 4) or to open a student bank account (a 'Confirmation of Student Status' can be collected when you complete enrolment in person).

And finally...

Closer to the date on which your course commences, you will receive an email from the University's enrolment team inviting you to enrol online. This will normally be four to six weeks before your course starts. You will not be permitted to enrol unless you hold an unconditional offer.

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