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Taught Courses A-Z 2017 entry

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Accounting and Finance (MSc)
Advanced Clinical Practice for Health Care Professionals (PGCert)
Advanced Critical Care Practice
Advanced Legal Studies (LLM, PG Diploma)
Advanced Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
Analytical and Polymer Science (MSc)
Analytical Science: Methods and Instrumental Techniques AS:MIT (MSc, PG Diploma)
Ancient Visual and Material Culture (MA)
Arts, Enterprise and Development (MA)
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Behavioural and Economic Science (Science Track) (MSc)
Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics Track) (MSc)
Big Data and Digital Futures (MSc/PG Diploma)
Biomedical Engineering (MSc)
Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management (MSc)
Business (MSc)
Business Analytics (MSc)
Business Master's - Distance Learning (MBA)
Business Master's - Executive (MBA)
Business Master's - Full-time (MBA)
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Career Development and Coaching Studies (CDCS) (MA/PG Dip/PG Cert)
Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education (CEIGHE) (MA/PG Dip/PG Cert)
Clinical Applications of Psychology (MSc)
Clinical Psychology with Coventry University (DClinPsych)
Coaching (MA)
Communications and Information Engineering (MSc)
Computer Science (MSc)
Continental Philosophy (MA)
Creative and Media Enterprises (MA)
Culture of the European Renaissance (MA)
Cyber Security Engineering (MSc)
Cyber Security and Management (CSM) (MSc)
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Data Analytics (MSc)
Diabetes (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert)
Diabetes, Peadiatrics (MSc, PGDip, PGCert or PGA)

Diamond Science and Technology (MSc)

Diamond Science and Technology 1+3 (MSc to PhD)

Digital Media and Culture (MA)
Drama and Theatre Education (MA)
Drama Education and English Language Teaching (MA)
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e-Business Management (e-BM) (MSc)
Early Modern History (MA)
Early Years Initial Teacher Training
Economics (MSc)
Economics (Diploma/Diploma + MSc)
Economics and International Financial Economics (MSc)
Education (FE and Skills Sector) (PG Dip)
Educational Innovation (MA)
Educational Leadership and Management (MA)
Educational Studies (MA)
Energy and Power Engineering (MSc)
Engineering Business Management (EBM)(MSc)
English Language Teaching (MA/PG Dip)
English Literature (Graduate Diploma)
English Literature (MA)
Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate (MSc)
European Gothic and Romantic Studies (MA)
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Film and Television Studies (MA)
Finance (MSc)
Finance and Economics (MSc)
Financial Mathematics (MSc)
Food Security (MSc)
French and Francophone Studies (MAR)
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Gender and International Development (MA, PG Dip)
German Studies (MAR)
Global Education and International Development (MA)
Global Media and Communication (MA)
Global Shakespeare (MA)
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Health Research (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert)
Healthcare Operational Management (MSc)
Hispanic Studies (MAR)
History of Art (Diploma)
History of Art (MA)
History of Medicine (MA)
Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (MSc)
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IAE) (MSc)
Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions (MSc/PG Dip)
Interdisciplary Biomedical Research (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (MSc, PG Dip)
International Business (MSc)
International Commercial Law (LLM/PG Dip)
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (LLM/PG Dip)
International Cultural Policy and Management (MA)
International Development (MA)
International Development Law and Human Rights (LLM/PG Dip)
International Economic Law (LLM/PG Dip)
International Political Economy (MA)
International Politics and East Asia (MA)
International Politics and Europe (MA)
International Relations (MA)
International Security (MA)
International Technology Management (INT) (MSc)
International Trade, Strategy and Operations (ITSO) (MSc)
Italian Studies (MAR)
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Leadership for Healthcare (PG Cert)
Literary Translation Studies (MA)


Management (MSc)
Management for Business Excellence (MBE) (MSc)
Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation (MSc)
Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) (MSc)
Marketing and Strategy (MSc)
Mathematical Sciences (MASt)
Mathematics (MSc, PG Dip)
Mathematics and Statistics (MSc + PhD)
Mathematics of Systems (Mathematics Institute) (MSc + PhD)
Mathematics of Systems (MathSys) (MSc + PhD)
Mathematics of Systems (MSc)
Mathematics: Interdisciplinary (MSc, PG Dip)
MBA (distance-learning, full-time, Executive)
MB ChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery)
Medical Biotechnology and Business Management (MSc)
Medical Education (MMedEd, PG Dip, PG Cert)
Modern History (MA)
Molecular Analytical Science (MSc)
Molecular Analytical Sciences (MSc, PG Diploma, PG Certificate)
MSc + PhD (1+3) in Molecular Analytical Sciences
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Orthodontics (part-time) (MSc)
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PGCE Early Years
PGCE Primary
PGCE Secondary
Philosophy (MA)
Philosophy (Taught/Research) 2+2 (MPhil/PhD)
Philosophy and the Arts (MA)
Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods (MA)
Political and Legal Theory (MA)
Politics and International Studies (MA in Research)
Programme And Project Management (PPM) (MSc)
Psychological Research (MSc)
Psychology and Education (MA)
Public Health (MPH, PG Diploma)
Public Policy (MA)
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Quantitative Social Research (MSc)
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Religions and Education by distance learning (MA)
Religions, Society and Education (Christian Education) (MA)
Religions, Society and Education (Islamic Education) (MA)
Renaissance, European (MA) - See The Culture of the European Renaissance
Research in Film and Television Studies (MA)
Research in Politics & International Studies (MA)
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Scientific Computing (MSc)
Service Management and Design (SMD) (MSc)
Social and Political Thought (MA, PG Dip)
Social Research (MA, PG Dip)
Social Work (MASW) (MA)
Sociology (MA, PG Dip)
Statistics (MSc)
Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM) (MSc)
Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century (MSc)
Sustainable Energy Technologies (MSc)
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Theatre Consultancy (MA/PG Dip)
Theatre and Performance Research (MA)
Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference (MA)
Tunnelling and Underground Space (MSc)
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United States Foreign Policy (MA)
Urban Informatics and Analytics (MSc)
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Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece (MA)
Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome (MA)
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World Literature (MA)
Writing (MA)