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Research Degrees A-Z 2017 entry

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Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (PhD)
Applied Linguistics (MPhil/PhD)
Applied Linguistics (MA by Research)
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Biological Sciences (MSc by Research)
Biological Sciences (PhD)
Biosciences (PhD)
Business Administration (DBA)
Business and Management (PhD/MPhil)
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Caribbean Studies (MA by Research)
Caribbean Studies (MPhil/PhD)
Chemistry (MSc by Research)
Chemistry (PhD)
Chemistry with Industrial Collaboration (PhD)
Classics and Ancient History (MA by Research)
Classics and Ancient History (MPhil)
Classics and Ancient History (PhD)
Clinical Education (PhD/MPhil)
Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych, with Coventry University)
Complexity Science (PhD)
Computer Science (MSc by Research)
Computer Science (PhD)
Cultural Policy Studies/Creative Industries (MPhil/PhD)
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Diamond Science and Technology (MSc + PhD 1+3)
Discourse Studies (MPhil/PhD)


Economics (MRes/PhD)
Education (EdD)
Education (MA/MSc)
Education (MPhil/PhD)
Education and Psychology (MPhil/PhD)
English Language Teaching (MPhil/PhD)
English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (MPhil/PhD)
Employment Research (PhD)
Engineering (EngD and EngD(Int))
Engineering (PhD) (The School of Engineering)
Engineering (PhD/MPhil) (WMG)
Engineering (MSc by Research)
English and Comparative Literary Studies (MPhil/PhD)


Film and/or Television Studies (MPhil/PhD)
Finance and Econometrics (PhD/MPhil)
French Studies (MA by Research)
French Studies (MPhil/PhD)
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German Studies (MA by Research)
German Studies (MPhil/PhD)
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Health Sciences (PhD/MPhil)
Hispanic Studies (MPhil/PhD)
Hispanic Studies (MA by Research)
History (MA by Research)
History (MPhil/PhD)
History of Art (MA by Research)
History of Art (MPhil/PhD)
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Integrative Biosciences (PhD)
Intercultural Communication (MPhil/PhD)
Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (MSc + PhD (1+3))
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (PhD)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MPhil/PhD)
Italian (MA by Research)
Italian (MPhil/PhD)
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Law (MPhil/PhD)
Law (LLM by Research)
Life Sciences (PhD/MPhil)
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Mathematics (PhD)
Mathematics and Statistics (PhD)
Mathematics and Statistics (MSc + PhD)
Mathematics of Systems (PhD)
Mathematics of Systems (MSc + PhD)
Media and Communication (MPhil/PhD)
Medical Published Work (PhD)
Medical Sciences (MSc/PhD)
Medicine (MPhil/PhD/MD)
Molecular Analytical Sciences (MSc + PhD)
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Neuroscience (Warwick/NTU Joint PhD)
Non-destructive Evaluation (EngD) (The School of Engineering)
Nondestructive Evaluation (EngD) (Department of Physics)
Nursing (PhD)
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Philosophy (PhD)
Philosophy (MPhil/PhD 2+2)
Philosophy and Literature (PhD)
Physics (PhD/MPhil)
Plant and Environmental Sciences (MSc by Research)
Plant and Environmental Sciences (PhD)
Politics and International Studies (PhD)
Psychology (MPhil/PhD)
Psychology (MSc by Research)
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Renaissance (MPhil/PhD)
Renaissance Studies (MA by Research)
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Social Policy and Social Work (PhD)
Social Work (PhD)
Sociology (PhD)
Statistics (PhD/MPhil)
Statistics (Oxford-Warwick Programme) (PhD/MPhil)
Synthetic Biology (PhD)
Systems Biology (PhD)
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Theatre and Performance Studies (MA by Research)
Theatre and Performance Studies (MPhil/PhD)
Translation Studies (PhD/MPhil)
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Urban Science (PhD)

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Women and Gender Studies (PhD)