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Courses for 2018 entry

Taught courses a-z


Accounting and Finance - MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice for Health Care Professionals MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
Advanced Critical Care Practice - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
Advanced Legal Studies - LLM, PGDip
Advanced Mechanical Engineering - MSc
Analytical and Polymer Science (MSc)
Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation - MSc
Ancient Visual and Material Culture - MA
Arts, Enterprise and Development - MA


Behavioural and Economic Science - MSc
Behavioural and Economic Science (Economic Track) - MSc, PGDip, PGCert
Big Data and Digital Futures - PGCert
Big Data and Digital Futures - PGDip
Big Data and Digital Futures - MSc
Biomedical Engineering - MSc
Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management - MSc
Business Analytics - MSc
Business with Accounting and Finance - MSc
Business with Consulting - MSc
Business (Financial Management) - MSc
Business with Marketing - MSc


Career Coaching and Counselling - PGA
Career Development and Coaching - PGDip
Career Development and Coaching - PGCert
Career Development and Coaching Studies - MA
Career Development Theories - PGA
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE - MA
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE - PGDip
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE - PGCert
Challenges of Careers Work in Higher Education - PGA
Chemistry with Scientific Writing - MSc
Classics - Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome - MA
Classics - Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece - MA
Clinical Applications of Psychology - MSc
Computer Science - MSc
Communications and Information Engineering - MSc
Continental Philosophy - MA
Creative and Media Enterprises - MA

Cyber Security and Management - MSc

Cyber Security Engineering - MSc


Data Analytics - MSc
Diabetes - MSc
Diabetes (Paediatrics) - MSc
Diamond Science and Technology - MSc, PGDip, PGCert
Diamond Science and Technology - MSc leading to PhD
Digital Media and Culture - MA
Drama Education and English Language Training - MA
Drama and Theatre Education - MA


e-Business Management - MSc
Early Modern History - MA
Early Years Initial Teacher Training - University-led & Employer-led routes
Economics - Diploma
Economics - MSc
Economics and International Financial Economics - MSc
Economics - Diploma plus MSc
Economics - MRES leading to PhD
Educational Innovation - MA
Educational Leadership and Management - MA
Educational Studies - MA
Endodontics - MSc
Energy and Power Engineering - MSc

Engineering Business Management - MSc

English Literature - MA, PGDip
Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate - MSc
European Gothic and Romantic Studies - MA


Film and Television Studies - MA
Research in Film and Television Studies - MA
Finance - MSc
Finance and Economics - MSc
Financial Mathematics - MSc
Food Security - MSc
Research in French and Francophone Studies - MA


Gender and International Development - MA, PGDip
Research in German Studies - MA
Global and Comparative History - MA
Global Education and International Development (MA)
Global Media and Communication - MA


Health Research - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate

Healthcare Operational Management - MSc

Research in Hispanic Studies - MA
History of Art - Venice and Its Legacies - MA
History of Art - Diploma
History of Medicine - MA
Human Resource Management & Employment Relations - MSc
Humanitarian Engineering - MSc, PGCert,PGDip, PGA
Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability - MSc
Humanitarian Engineering with Management - MSc


Innovation and Entrepreneurship - MSc
Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research - MSc
Interdisciplinary Mathematics - Diploma plus MSc
Interdisciplinary Mathematics - MSc
International Business - MSc
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation - LLM, PGDip
International Commercial Law - LLM, PGDip
International Cultural Policy and Management - MA
International Development - MA
International Development Law and Human Rights - LLM, PGDip
International Economic Law - PGDip
International Economic Law - LLM
International Political Economy - MA
International Politics and East Asia - MA
International Politics and Europe - MA
International Relations - MA
International Security - MA

International Technology Management - MSc

International Trade, Strategy and Operations - MSc

Research in Italian Studies - MA


Literary Translation Studies - MA


Management - MSc
Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation - MSc
Management for Business Excellence - MSc
Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management MSc
Marketing and Strategy - MSc
Mathematics - MSc
Mathematics - Diploma plus MSc
Mathematical Sciences - MASt
Mathematics and Statistics - MSc leading to PhD
Mathematics of Systems - MSc leading to PhD
MBA - Distance Learning (Warwick or London)
MBA - Executive (Warwick or London)
MBA - Full-time
MB ChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery)
Medical Biotechnology and Business Management - MSc
Medical Education - MMedEd
Modern History - MA
Molecular Analytical Science - MSc


Orthodontics - MSc


Philosophy - MA
Philosophy and the Arts - MA
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (FE and Skills) - PGDip
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Early Years. Routes x 3*: University-led (Core), School-led (School Direct Training & School-Direct Salaried)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Primary
PGCE - Secondary
Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods - MA
Political and Legal Theory - MA
Polymer Chemistry - MSc
Polymer Science - MSc
Professional Education - MA

Programme and Project Management - MSc

Psychology and Education - MA
Public Health (MPH) - Masters
Public Policy - MA


Quantitative Social Research - MSc


Religions and Education (MA, PGCert)
Religions, Society and Education (Islamic Education) (MA)
The Culture of the European Renaissance - MA 

Foundation Research Methods in Education (PGA)


Scientific Research and Communication - MSc
Service Management and Design - MSc

Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - MSc

Social and Political Thought - MA, PGDip
Social Research - MA, PGDip
Social Work - MA
Sociology - MA, PGDip
Statistics - MSc, PGDip

Strategic Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare - MSc

Supply Chain and Logistics Management - MSc

Sustainable Automotive Engineering - MSc

Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century - MSc
Sustainable Energy Technologies - MSc


Teaching Advanced Mathematics - PGCert


Theatre and Performance Research - MA

Translation and Cultures - MA
Tunnelling and Underground Space - MSc


United States Foreign Policy - MA
Urban Informatics and Analytics - MSc


Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome - MA
Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece - MA


WMG full-time Masters courses
World Literature - MA
Writing - MA