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Taught Courses for 2021

Taught Courses A-Z

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Accounting and Finance (MSc)
Advanced Clinical Practice (PGCert/PGDip/MSc)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Critical Care) (PGCert/PGDip/MSc)
Advanced Legal Studies (LLM)
Advanced Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
Analytical and Polymer Science (MSc)
Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation (MSc)
Ancient Literature and Thought (MA)
Ancient Visual and Material Culture (MA)
Applied Theatre: Arts, Action, Change (MA)
Arts, Enterprise and Development (MA)


Behavioural and Data Science (MSc)
Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics) (MSc)
Behavioural and Economic Science (MSc)
Big Data and Digital Futures (MSc/PGDip)
Biomedical Engineering (MSc)
Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management (MSc)
Business Administration (Distance Learning) (MBA)
Business Administration (Executive) (MBA)
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Analytics (MSc)
Business and Finance (MSc)
Business with Accounting and Finance (MSc)
Business with Consulting (MSc)
Business with Marketing (MSc)
Business with Operations Management (MSc)


Career Coaching and Counselling (PGA)
Career Development and Coaching Studies (MA)
Career Development and Coaching Studies (PGCert)
Career Development and Coaching Studies (PGDip)
Career Development Theories (PGA)
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (MA)
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (PGCert)
Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (PGDip)
Challenges of Careers Work in Higher Education (PGA)
Chemistry with Scientific Writing (MSc)
Childhood in Society (MA)
Clinical Applications of Psychology (MSc)
Communications and Information Engineering (MSc)
Computer Science (MSc)
Continental Philosophy (MA)
Creative and Media Enterprises (MA)
Creative Producing and Arts Management (MA) - No longer running for 2021 entry
Critical and Cultural Theory (MA)
Culture of the European Renaissance (MA)
Cyber Security Engineering (MSc)
Cyber Security Management (MSc)


Data Analytics (MSc)
Digital Media and Culture (MA)
Diploma in Digital Leadership (Diploma)
Drama and Theatre Education (MA)
Drama Education and English Language Teaching (MA)


Early Modern History (MA)
e-Business Management (MSc)
Economics (Diploma) - No longer running for 2021 entry
Economics (Diploma plus MSc)

Economics (MSc)

Economics (MRes leading to PhD)
Economics and International Financial Economics (MSc)

Education (MA)
Educational Innovation (MA)
Educational Leadership and Management (MA)
Electrical Power Engineering (MSc)
Engineering Business Management (MSc)
Engineering Business Management (PGDip, with opportunity to progress to MSc)
English and Drama (MA)
English Literature (MA)
Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate (MSc)


Film and Television Studies (MA)
MA for Research in Film and Television Studies (MA)
Finance (MSc)
Finance and Economics (MSc)
Food Security (MSc)
Foundation Research Methods in Education (PGA)
Research in French and Francophone Studies (MA)


Research in German Studies (MA)
Gender and International Development (MA)
Global and Comparative History (MA)
Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation (MSc/PGDip/PGCert/PG Award)
Global Education and International Development (MA)
Global Media and Communication (MA)
Global Sustainable Development (MASc)


Health Research (PGCert/PGDip/MSc)
Healthcare Operational Management (MSc)
History of Art (Graduate Diploma)
History of Art and Visual Studies (MA)
History of Medicine (MA)
Research in Hispanic Studies (MA)
Humanitarian Engineering (MSc/PGDip/PGCert/PGA)
Humanitarian Engineering (with Management) (MSc)
Humanitarian Engineering (with Sustainability) (MSc)


Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (MSc)
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Diploma plus MSc)
Interdisciplinary Mathematics (MSc)
International Business (MSc)
International Commercial Law (LLM)
International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (LLM)
International Cultural Policy and Management (MA)
International Development (MA)
International Development Law and Human Rights (LLM)
International Economic Law (LLM)
International Political Economy (MA)
International Politics and East Asia (MA)
International Politics and Europe (MA)
International Relations (MA)
International Security (MA)
International Technology Management (MSc)
International Trade, Strategy and Operations (MSc)
Islamic Education: Theory and Practice (MA)
Islamic Education (PGA)
Research in Italian Studies (MA)


Leading Educational Change and Improvement (PGA)
Literary Translation Studies (MA)


Management (MSc)
Management for Business Excellence (MSc)
Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MSc)
Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSc)
Marketing and Strategy (MSc)
Mathematical Sciences (MASt)
Mathematics (Diploma plus MSc)
Mathematics (MSc)
Mathematical Finance (MSc)
Mathematics of Systems (MSc leading to PhD)
Medicine (MBChB) Please note, this is an undergraduate course for graduates
Medical Biotechnology and Business Management (MSc)
Medical Education (PGCert/PGDip/MMedEd)
Modern History (MA)
Molecular Analytical Science (MSc)


Diploma in Organisational Change (Diploma)


Philosophy (MA)
Philosophy and the Arts (MA)
Playwriting and Adaptation: Stage, Screen and Beyond (MA) - No longer running for 2021 entry
Politics and International Studies Double Degrees
Political and Legal Theory (MA)
Politics, Big Data and Quantitative Methods (MA)
Polymer Chemistry (MSc)
Polymer Science (MSc)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Primary (2-7 or 5-11)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Secondary (11-18)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEi)
Professional Education (MA)
Programme and Project Management (MSc)

Psychological Research (MSc)
Psychology and Education (MA)
Psychotherapy and Counselling (MSc)
Public Health (PGCert/PGDip/MPH)
Public Policy (MA)


Scientific Research and Communication (MSc)
Senior Leadership Development (MSc) Degree Apprenticeship
Service Management and Design (MSc)
Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (MSc)
Social and Political Thought (MA)
Social Inequalities and Research Methods (MSc)
Sociology (MA)
Statistics (MSc)
Diploma in Strategy and Innovation (Diploma)
Diploma in Strategic Leadership (Diploma)
Supply Chain and Logistics Management (MSc)
Sustainable Automotive Electrification (MSc)
Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century (MSc)
Sustainable Energy Technologies (MSc)


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MA)
Translation and Cultures (MA)
Tunnelling and Underground Space (MSc)


United States Foreign Policy (MA)
Urban Analytics and Visualisation (MSc)


Visual and Material Culture of the Ancient Greece (MA)
Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome (MA)


World Literature (MA)
Writing (MA)