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What to expect from a Virtual Open Day

How to prepare for our Virtual Open Days

Hosting and attending an Open Day online is fairly new to us all. To find out what to expect and how to prepare, we’ve put together a few pointers below…

1. What happens on a virtual Open Day?

Virtual Open Days will cover all aspects of your student life at Warwick. Tours of campus will be available for you to explore, live presentations will be delivered by our world-class academics and brilliant current students, and web chats will be available each day so you can find out a bit more and ask any questions you have.

Whether you sign up for one session or a whole day, you can pick the sessions that interest you the most. Sessions generally last between 30mins-1 hour and will often include a mix of presentation, videos and Q&A.

2. How to book and join a session

You will need to register in advance to gain access to our virtual open day. This is very easy and you simply have to provide a few details about yourself. If you haven't already registered, you can do so here.

Once you have registered your details, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email that will welcome you onto our Virtual Open Days platform. From this link, you’ll be able to view all our sessions and book your virtual seat using the chair symbol next to each session. We recommend making the most of our search bar and filters to browse what's on offer. You can also create a shortlist of the sessions that most interest you, using the star button next to each one.

To access your sessions on the day, simply click the same link from your confirmation email. You will then see all your booked sessions in ‘my registered sessions’ on the Agenda tab. 2 minutes before the advertised start time, you will then be able to join your sessions by clicking ‘join broadcast.’

3. Check your internet connection

As we have taken our Open Days online, you may need to do some checks and ensure your session doesn’t get disrupted by technical issues.

  • Tell your family or people in your household when you will be busy with your chosen sessions to try and ensure they don’t take up too much download speed using streaming services, games consoles or other downloads.
  • Read the tips on this page and take the Quick Tech Check to test your connection.
  • Move closer to your router or plug your laptop into the internet directly.
  • Turn off wifi on mobile devices.

4. How do the sessions work?

Talk with our staff and students

As part of our chosen session, you may be able to interact with us through the chat box(es) we have available, or in some sessions, via video and microphone. There are different chat options in each session which we want to talk you through:

  1. Room chat – you can type a question or comment in here and everyone can see this. You can also see other questions or comments other participants put in this box and people leading the sessions will be able to reply to these comments either in the chat box or as part of their presentation if this is delivered live. 
  2. Q&A – if you have a question that you want to ask on a 121 basis, you can use this chat box and you will receive a personal reply which no one else in the room will be able to see.

Please do not share any personal information in these chats, either through the chat functions or as part of any interactivity in the sessions.

Anyone behaving inappropriately could risk the session coming to an end.

Being on camera

You do not have to speak or be on video but if you would like to, you can enable your webcam and microphone in some sessions (you will be told where this is an option). Our staff and students leading the session are then able to make your webcam ‘live’ if you wish to contribute to the session. All participation by webcam and microphone is completely voluntary so just go with what you feel comfortable. If you would rather not appear on camera, you will still be able to interact using the live chat.

Book your place now

Whatever sessions you choose to attend, we hope you have a great day and find out everything you want to know about living and studying at Warwick.

See the full agenda and book your place now

If you can’t make any sessions, don’t worry as recordings will be available to view for 10 weeks after the event. If you have any questions or need any help, you can also contact our open day team at

We hope to see you online very soon!