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What Are Taught Courses?

study imageThere are approximately 8200 postgraduate students studying for taught Master’s degrees (MA, MSc, MBA, LLM) at Warwick.

Some have come because they want to study in greater depth and detail a subject – or part of a subject- that has particularly interested them during their first degree; others want to develop professional skills or to enjoy studying an entirely new subject; for many, a taught master’s is a necessary preliminary to a research degree.

All Warwick’s taught Master’s courses are carefully structured, developed and delivered by experts in their fields, often drawing on individual research experience. Many are interdisciplinary, drawing on the research expertise of several of our academic departments. Teaching is through seminars and lectures and all taught Master’s include a dissertation – an extensive piece of work which students choose, research and write with individual supervision from their tutors.

Becoming a taught Master’s Student

Enrolment on a Warwick taught master’s course normally requires a lower second class degree (2:2) or equivalent in an appropriate subject. However, some academic departments ask for an upper second (2:1) or equivalent: please consult the individual departmental entries later in this book.


Taught Master’s courses take a year to complete as a full-time student. Most can also be taken on a part-time basis over two years and some – particularly the MBA – are available by distance learning.

If you are considering part-time study, it’s important to note that, unless the course has been specifically designed for this route, taught courses will normally include some compulsory day time sessions.

If you are an international student, the ability to register part-time is subject to the conditions of your visa. Please consult your local British embassy before applying to Warwick for a part-time Master’s course.

Other Postgraduate Courses

Warwick also offers a range of Postgraduate Awards, Certificates and Diplomas – shorter taught courses which are often vocationally oriented. These are designed to be taken part-time.

It is also possible to enrol on our unique Flexible Master’s courses. These are focussed on Continuing Professional Development and are geared to people who wish to undertake Master’s level study alongside their continued employment. The basic building block of the Flexible Master’s course is the Postgraduate Award. You can start by taking two or three of these courses and then, if you want to develop your course further, you can re-register at a higher level. The Flexible Master’s degree takes between two and eight years of part-time study.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taught Courses

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A-Z of Taught Courses

Funding Your Taught Course

Application deadlines

Places on taught postgraduate taught courses are limited, so you should submit your application as early as possible.

If you are an international applicant and need to obtain a student visa, you will need to leave plenty of time for this process.

For this reason, international applicants must submit their application by 31 July for courses that begin in September. If you are a UK or EU applicant, there are no deadlines for applications to postgraduate taught places.

Please note that some departments will have earlier deadlines; you should check the information in the Essential Information on each individual postgraduate taught course webpage (you can find a list of taught courses on the A-Z webpage).