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The term "modules" refers to the lessons/subjects/classes/courses that you can take at Warwick. Often students will take four modules if they are based in an Arts department; students based in a Science department are more likely to take more modules which have lower CATS credits.

As Erasmus+, Exchange and Visiting students do not finalise their module choices until after they arrive at Warwick, we cannot guarantee any specific modules to you before then. However the Study Abroad team will give other guidance on module choices where possible.

Full Academic Year Modules

You can view full academic year modules by referring the Departments pages. You are required to take undergraduate level modules unless the agreement between our universities specifies you can take postgraduate modules.

Assessment for modules is by coursework or examinations or both.

Part-Year Modules

Part-year modules are suitable for students attending Warwick for one or two terms only. You can view the part-year module catalogue here.

Please note that the CAT credit listed in the full academic year module catalogue is for full time students only. Please use the following guide to calculate the part-year credit for each module listed:

Autumn term - 40% Autumn and Spring - 80% Spring - 40% Spring and Summer - 60%

The University of Warwick expects Study Abroad students to undertake the following amount of work:

120 CATS points (60 ECTS) for a full academic year
48 CATS (24 ECTS) for Autumn or Spring only
96 CATS (48 ECTS) for Autumn & Spring
72 CATS (36 ECTS) Spring & Summer

Important Information

Please note that all module lists on departments pages are for illustrative puposes: you might not be able to take some of these modules for various reasons, for example:

1. The modules listed are for this academic year may change or become unavailable for next year.

2. Some modules may become full.

3. If you come to Warwick for part of the year there can be restrictions on the modules you can take. Please refer to the Part-Year Module Handbook for your department.

4. You may not meet the academic pre-requisites required to follow a particular module.

5. There may be timetable clashes between modules, particularly between modules from different departments.

6. Your base academic department at Warwick can affect which modules you can take e.g. in many cases you will be expected to select most of your modules from your base department.

7. The module may be a core option for full degree students and only available to a closed group.