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Life in Coventry

If you prefer not to walk, you can buy a second-hand bicycle and sell it again when you leave Warwick.

Read the University Cycling page. It contains important information on cycling safely. You should also read the Highway Code for cyclists here.

In particular remember that you should not cycle after dark or in foggy conditions if you do not have the appropriate lights on your bike, and you shouldn't cycle on pavements but on the left-hand side of the road with the cars.

There is a particularly good cycling path between campus and Kenilworth.

There are a large variety of restaurants and take-aways in the local area which cater for all tastes. Popular cuisines in the UK are Indian, Chinese and Italian, but you will find many other dishes on offer too.

There are plenty of places to eat on campus which provide a wide variety of food. Warwick Retail provides food and drink at a large number of venues all around campus and has an Eating at Warwick card that can save you 10%. As well as being to top up your Eating at Warwick card yourself, your parents can also do this. Warwick SU offers a further choice of reasonably priced food and drink in its venues around campus, see more information here.

Vegetarian options: All outlets generally offer vegetarian options.

Halal and Kosher food: Many of the University food outlets serve Halal and Kosher meals, although it is always advisable to check.

The Chaplaincy has a Kosher kitchen and the Rootes Grocery store stocks some Kosher and Halal products. For more information about the latest offers visit the Rootes Grocerys store.

Warwick Student Union also runs many food and drink outlets.

Although Warwick does not offer music as an academic subject, it is still a very important and integral part of student life. The University of Warwick Music Centre is one of the most active, student-oriented music centres in the country, achieving stunning results in various areas of musical performance. Opportunities exist for everybody, at all standards. Some of the groups are auditioned, but the majority are not.

Based within Warwick Arts Centre, the Music Centre is at the heart of campus. Students can also book instrumental and vocal lessons and there is a bursary scheme for assistance towards these costs.

Warwick Music Centre.

Students can usually get reduced prices on cinema tickets showing a student identification (ID) card.

Nearby towns all have a wide selection of restaurants and bars (see ‘Local Area’ section). Public houses (pubs) are traditionally an important part of British social life, selling a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Pubs also offer food and can be a good place for a cheap meal out (by UK standards). Usual opening hours are 11am to 11pm (until 10.30pm on Sundays), though some pubs and bars have licences for later opening hours. Alcohol may not be purchased or consumed by anyone under 18 years of age and be prepared to be asked for ID as proof of your age.

See also the section on the Warwick Arts Centre, which offers a huge array of arts, entertainment and cultural activities throughout the year.

Some (non-EEA) nationals are required to register with the police. If you have to do this it will be written or stamped on your visa or may be written on a separate letter given by the Home Office. Failure to register with the police is a criminal offence. If you are unsure whether you should register, please contact the International Office.

Please check the International Student Office website for further details.

The University Post Office is located inside the Rootes Grocery Store. A post box (bright red) is located outside the shop and has regular collections throughout the day. You can also use Post Offices elsewhere e.g. at Cannon Park, in other parts of Coventry or in Leamington Spa.

Letters to destinations within the UK can be sent by first or second class mail. First class usually arrives the next day, second class takes two or three days. Stamps can be bought at post offices or some shops such as newsagents or supermarkets. Post Offices can also give you details on overseas postal rates. You can find more information about the UK Postal Service from the Royal Mail.

Incoming mail will be delivered to pigeon-holes (a rack with small compartments) in your campus residence, to your off-campus house, or if it's internal mail there may be arrangements for you to collect it from your academic department. You should check your pigeon-hole regularly.

For information on the shops on campus please see Warwick Retail

On July 1st 2007, England introduced a new law to make virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces in England smokefree. A smokefree England ensures a healthier environment, so everyone can socialise, relax, travel, shop and work free from secondhand smoke. Smoking is therefore not allowed in most public buildings and on public transport in the UK. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. It is advisable to check whether smoking is allowed before lighting a cigarette in public.

With effect from the 1st July 2007 smoking is forbidden in all University buildings, including residences, academic buildings and bars.

Sport is an important part of Warwick life. Whether you enjoy competitive sport, just want to keep fit, or simply have fun trying, there is something for everyone on offer. It's a great way to get to know other students too.

For all the information you need on sport, see Warwick Sport website.

Taxis in the UK can be more expensive than in many other countries. They will usually charge more at night and on bank holidays. Always ask for an estimate of the cost before you get in a taxi and check that it has an official licence plate (usually on the car’s rear bumper).

Never use an unlicensed taxi company.

Be aware that some minicabs that stop in the street may be cheaper but are not licensed.

Sit in the back of the taxi and directly behind the driver, whenever possible. If you want, you can ask the taxi driver to wait until you have entered your house safely before he or she drives away.

One of the popular taxi companies who serve campus and Coventry is Trinity Street Taxis whose phone number is 02476 631631.

Within the UK, people generally use trains or coaches for long-distance travel. National train operators provide fast and frequent train services between most major cities and towns, but tickets tend to be expensive. Cheaper rates are available with student railcards at certain times of the day. Railcard application forms are available from any railway station or the campus travel agent. You can book many train tickets on the internet and often the price is much cheaper if bought online. The cheapest tickets available are likely to be for advance bookings made at least 3 days before travelling.

Coaches are generally cheaper for long journeys but tend to take longer. Tickets can be bought from any travel agent or on the internet and student coach cards may give discounts for the major coach company, National Express. Another company called Megabus offers cut price tickets. Their service departs regularly from Cannon Park Shopping Centre, adjacent to the Warwick campus.

You will find that train, bus and coach services are less frequent at weekends, particularly on Sundays, and also on bank holidays so do check before you travel. You can find out about train journeys from the National Rail enquiries website. You can find out about coach journeys from the National Express and Megabus websites.

For short journeys local buses are relatively cheap and frequent. Sometimes when waiting for a bus British people will form a queue.

Two local bus companies (Travel West Midlands and Stagecoach) run frequent services from the campus to and from Coventry City Centre, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.

For more information on getting to and from the University by bus, see here.

For all buses, a less frequent service operates on Sundays and in the vacations. The cost of a single bus journey is usually around £2/£3 but can vary depending on distance travelled. Termly or annual bus passes are available and are often much cheaper if you travel frequently. Please see Network West Midlands for pricing information.

Buses will often only take the exact fare, especially on Travel West Midlands buses, so ensure you have plenty of change with you.

The International Student Office regularly organises coach trips to popular UK tourist destinations. Trips.

It only takes 15 minutes to walk from the Westwood or Gibbet Hill sites (the two furthest sites) to the centre of the main campus. From most residences it is only about 5 to 10 minutes walk to academic buildings or Union facilities.

Pedestrians do not automatically have right of way. At a pelican crossing, the pedestrian must push the button and wait for the red light, but at a zebra crossing drivers should give way (although pedestrians should always check that traffic has stopped before crossing)

Be aware cars may be driving faster than you are used to - always look both ways before crossing.

Based at the heart of the University, Warwick Arts Centre has a national reputation for its wide-ranging programme. With six venues under one roof, including the Butterworth Hall, theatres and a cinema, there are many ways to become involved. The Warwick Arts Centre 20:20 project has commenced please see 20:20 Project

Find out more at Warwick Arts Centre or sign for info on Twitter @warwickarts or on Facebook – Warwickartscentre

Box Office: 024 765 24524

Warwick Arts Centre Online Booking