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Student Mobility FORMS

Please note: Information and forms are annually renewed and revised to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies. We apologise if this requires you to complete an updated form after your original submission, however it is essential that we remain compliant.


Erasmus+ students MUST submit all required forms to secure eligibility for the Erasmus+ Grant.

Please be aware of the University of warwick Privacy Notice

Please note:

Your STUDY placement must be at least 3 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility

Your WORK placement must be at least 2 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility

The maximum duration that we can pay for an Erasmus+ placement can vary but will never exceed 10 months

We have drafted a form which you might wish to use to help with your financial planning. This form has been designed for personal use of University of Warwick students to help with financial planning for Study Abroad. It is not exhaustive and the Study Abroad Team may not be held liable for any costs not included. Please click to download


Guide - How to use Study Abroad folder?

Outbound Students 2019/20 will have access to forms via eVision portal. More details to follow shortly.

Please use when completing the Study Abroad forms. Start typing subject name in 'find a code' box and drop down list of codes will appear.

Find EU Subject Code

Students on a placement in Europe (excluding Switzerland) are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. This is dependent on how long your placement is and approval by your department. This grant is from the British Council and European Commission.

For full details of the monthly grant allowances for Erasmus Study Abroad Students under the contract 2018-1-UK01-046922, Academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 click HERE

For full details of the monthly grant allowances for Erasmus Study Abroad Students under the contract 2019-1-UK01-KA103-060493, Academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 click HERE

The Erasmus grant will be received from the British Council in two payment instalments: 70% in the Autumn and 30% in the Summer.

Payments will be made to Erasmus+ students to reflect this: 70% after you've arrived at your placement – upon ARRIVAL Placement PLAN submission - the money usually will not reach you before November - and 30% after you've completed your placement – upon COMPLETION Placement PLAN submission.


Remember that the University of Warwick will pay a maximum of 9 months grant allowance in the initial grant instalment and no more than 10 months in total for the full year

You can view further information regarding the Erasmus+ grant on the British Council website.