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Grant Agreement for Erasmus+

Please note that Erasmus+ Grant Agreement:

  • MUST be fully completed and uploaded to your eVision portal (further instructions to be communicated shortly) prior to the START of your placement.
  • Once uploaded it will be checked and signed by Study Abroad Manager - You do not need to contact Amanda Osborne to get her signature.
  • MUST be hand signed (jpegs allowed): typed signatures, or signatures created in Paint etc. cannot be accepted.
  • If you are a language assistant and you haven't been allocated your school(s) yet put "British Council" as the host institution.
  • For the subject area and code field please choose from the list on the second tab of the EU Codes Table and Subject area code_ISCED-F table
  • Erasmus+ student charter - annexe III of grant agreement

Form MUST be completed in line with European Commission and British Council Erasmus+ regulations, otherwise Erasmus+ grant WILL NOT be paid to you.

In order to protect Erasmus+ grants for as many eligible University of Warwick students as possible we secured a contract for grants covering placements ending up to and including 31st May 2020. This decision was taken to ensure support for the maximum number of students possible in the current political climate.

  • If your placement is estimated to end on or before 31st May 2020 your funding was secured at 2018/2019 rates
  • If your placement is estimated to end after 31st May 2020 funding has been applied for, if secured it will be at the 2019/2020 rates

Blank Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ for students going abroad in 2019/20 to be filled in

How to fill in your Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ correctly - please see an example here.