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North America Bursary 2019

Apply for a bursary of up to $6,000 to attend a Summer School in North America this summer!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to a philanthropic donation, we are able to offer 5 students the opportunity to receive a non-repayable bursary!

Priority will be given to applications to attend summer schools in the USA due to the source of funding.

What is included in the bursary?

The North America Bursary 2019 can provide up to $6,000 towards the following costs associated with attending a summer school:

  • summer school tuition/registration fees
  • accommodation during the summer school
  • travel costs (return flights and associated costs with attending the summer school, e.g. airport transfers)

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for this bursary you must be a UG or PG student, not in your final year.

What are the requirements for those who successfully receive the bursary?

Students who are successful in receiving the North America Summer School bursary are required to:

Before/during the Summer School

1) Share photographs/videos/blog posts with the Study Abroad team before and during the Summer School which you are happy for the university to use to promote study abroad activities in the future

After the Summer School

2) Take part in a dissemination activity upon your return to the university after the summer school including taking part in a filming session to document your experience and support promotion of similar opportunities to future students

How to Apply?

1. Undertake independent research and decide which summer school you would like to apply for.

2. Apply directly to North American University to attend their summer school

3. Complete Application Form to apply for bursary here by Sunday 31 March 2019 @ 23.59

4. Once you have registered your interest, you will need to ask an academic from your department to submit a short letter of support on your behalf. Click here for the link to the Letter of Support Form by Tuesday 9 April at 12:00.

5. We shall contact you to confirm whether your application has been successful and you have been selected to receive the bursary.

6. We shall need to see the letter from the university at which you will be completing the summer school to confirm that your place has been accepted before gathering your bank details and arranging transfer of funds.


Applications have now CLOSED


If you have any queries, e-mail