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Short Term International Bursaries - Summer 2019

What bursaries are available?

Students can apply for up to 500 euros (€) if in Europe, or up to £500 if outside of Europe, to undertake an activity or project outside of the UK which will support your personal, academic or professional development. Examples of experiences that would be considered include:

  • participating in international conferences
  • attending exhibitions
  • individual or group projects with students from other countries
  • attending lectures/seminars at another university
  • attending a summer school or summer camp
  • volunteering
  • language tuition abroad

Who can apply for the bursary?

All students are eligible to apply for a summer bursary.

The following exclusions apply:

  • students currently taking part in a study abroad placement
  • students going out to study abroad next year
  • students going on a short term study abroad placement where they have received some form of bursary or tuition fee waiver
  • students returning to their home country

Priority will be given to undergraduate students.

    What is included in the bursary?

    The bursaries can provide up to 500 euros (€) for experiences in Europe, or £500 for experiences outside of Europe this summer. This funding can be used towards the following costs only:

    • activity admission/tuition/registration fees
    • accommodation during the activity period
    • travel costs (return flights and associated transport costs, e.g. airport transfers)

      How to apply?

      1. Undertake independent research and decide what international summer activity you will be undertaking, including indicative costs for the activity, accommodation and transport.


      3. We shall contact you to confirm whether your application has been successful and you have been selected to receive the bursary.

      4. By applying for this bursary, you agree to prepare an A3 poster to be submitted in to the Short Term Study Abroad Poster Competition. Each poster must summarise what you did and what you gained from your short term study abroad experience and shall be showcased in University House during Autumn Term 2019.