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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer School - Letter of Support

We are thrilled to offer 5 students the opportunity to be nominated to attend a 2 or 4 week Global Summer School at Shanghai Jiao Tong University without having to pay a tuition fee. This is a saving of up to £865!

A student has requested that you complete this form in support of their application. Please note that your responses to the below questions shall form part of the scoring of the students application.

More information about the summer school can be found here.

If you have any questions about completion of this form please e-mail maria dot fox at warwick dot ac dot uk

Deadline for completion of this form: Monday 22 April 2019 @ 23:59

What is the students current overall academic average
I confirm the Base Department is in support of this student being considered for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global Summer School
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
This form is used to collect letters of support to accompany the students expression of interest for the Shanghai Jiao Tong Global Summer School. I understand that my reference will be used as part of the scoring of the students application.
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