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Student Q&As

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Studying abroad is both a hugely exciting and daunting prospect and you're unlikely to have made such a big move in your lives before. The best people to give you advice are those who have experienced it so we sat down with a few of our current and past students to give you an insight into their reasons for applying, the challenges they've faced and the life changing opportunities they've had. Our students are excited to help you and have given us their permission to be contacted about any questions you have.

3rd Year BA History student
"People would often reply to my Italian in English, which was very frustrating! Persistence is key though, and eventually most of us acquired a good enough accent to pass as Italians..." read more
3rd Year BA History student

"Walking around in Venice in December... tourists are mostly gone, small canals are still like glass and there's a thin pink fog above the Grand Canal. It's all rather mindblowing..." read more 

MA Culture of the European Renaissance student

"By the end of the term it's rewarding to look back and remember the sheer amount and range of experiences you've had..." read more

If you're a current or past student and would like to contribute a Q&A profile to our site then simply contact Chiara at