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How to use the Resource Webpages

These webpages will be your main source of information and material throughout the next 3 weeks, and will provide you with opportunities to access/download this material as you progress through the course. We will post all the information you need on a daily basis, giving you plenty of time to prepare for class, download lecture notes onto your laptop, or check for reading and other out-of-class activities.

So please don't worry if you can't find all the resources for your whole course right now- this is how we think you'll learn best (and enjoy the topics we present to you most!).

Instead, please make sure you check these webpages for the next day's materials in your study periods after class. However, if you encounter difficulties in accessing materials or you think something may be missing from our resources, please inform any team member as soon as possible, we will ensure you have the information you need to participate fully.

Your course is divided up into 3 weeks, so for each week, there will be a separate resources folder, divided up by day, session and session leader (i.e., Week 1, Monday [Insert Date] - [Session Name] - [Insert Lecturer]. This folder will contain lecture slides, preparation tasks for class and any 'homework' we require. Please don't worry that this summer school will be ALL work though, we will try our best to keep the balance between learning and the summer school experience.

For the start of your course then – the only materials you need to check out for the first day are in the “getting the best out of your course” tab. We recommend you look at the course timetable, the course syllabus and the course handbook.