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Useful Information

We will post any useful information (that isn't covered in any other webpage) here for you. If there's any other details you would like us to display here, please do let us know!

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Exam Preparation Guidance

If you have an exam as part or all of your course assessment, please ensure you are at the Tennis Centre within the Sports Hall on campus at 10am on Friday 2nd August to be seated and ready on time.

You will have 15 minutes to read your question paper and then two hours to complete your exam.

Please ensure you bring a form of Identity with you i.e Driving licence, passport or residence card.

Do also bring a calculator and a paper dictionary if you think you will need one as we are unable to provide these.

No bags, jackets, phones or any electronics will be allowed in the exam room – all of your belongings must be left at the back of the room as you enter.

Please note, once you enter the exam hall, there must be total silence. You should not talk to other students at all. If you have a question, you should raise your hand and an invigilator will assist you.

If you need the toilet once you are in the exam hall, you will need to raise your hand and be escorted to the toilet by an invigilator.

If you finish the examination early and wish to leave, you must raise your hand and an Invigilator will collect your paper and you will be able to leave silently. Please note, you will be unable to leave the exam hall 30 mins prior to the end of the exam. The reason for this is to minimise disruption to other students finishing their exams.

Revision Tips

If you would like some support with your revision, click here for Mastering Revision Tips

Course Leader Contact Details

Course Leader: Professor Franklyn Lisk

Contact email address: