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I2P Revision Week 3

Revision for this course will take place on Thursday in Week 3 (please see timetable for details). This will be run as 3 different sessions: 1) a briefing session to provide guidance for the Introduction to Psychology Exam, 2) a guided practice questions, and 3) a clinic session, where students can bring questions on any specific taught topics to Drs Hester, Gemma, Luke and/or Liz.

We will also be happy to review any practice questions you may have answered in response to the sample exam paper we've prepared for you.

Please note that a couple of pieces of information have been excluded from the sample paper (e.g., the exact number of topics you will be asked to revise for your exam, etc.). This isn't to be awkward, but is designed to 1) make sure students don't focus exclusively on topics they want to revise for the exam (and not engage with the course as a whole) and 2) to try to prevent students from becoming stressed about the assessment at the end of week 3. We promise we will give you this information in plenty of time.

In short, we want you to enjoy the course as a whole- and to enjoy working with us for the whole 3 weeks- rather than simply focusing on the end-of-course exam. And to repeat our advice from class- it's going to be much easier for you to keep up with the course by doing the recommended homework reading/activities as you go along (or at least some of these!).

If students would find it useful- we can also spend some time at the start of the session going through a question together. Please let Liz know by Wednesday Week 3 if you would like to do this!