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Week 3 Resources

Your materials for Week 3 will be posted here the day before the class takes place.

Monday 29/7 visit to Warwick- no materials

Tuesday 30/7

Wednesday 31/7

Thursday 01/8 Revision

Drs Hester, Gemma & Liz are available in G2 today (10.00-12.00 & 13.00-14.00) to help with your revision and exam planning.

Dr Liz will be going through a practice question together in class today at 11.30.


We're all happy to receive questions/requests for feedback on your practice questions (etc) between the end of today's revision session(s) and the exam on Friday. If you send us emails, please make sure that Drs Liz, Hester AND Gemma are all copied into the message- so we can make sure one of the teaching team is available to answer your query or give you feedback. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE LOGGING INTO ZAPS, PLEASE CONTACT DR HESTER OR DR GEMMA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (ON THURSDAY).

Friday 02/8 Exam

Please remember that you should have chosen 3 topics to specialise in for your exam (Section 2)- and have done 3 NEW ZAPS sessions (Section 3). You will be able to take your notes and text books into the exam with you, but if you have decided that you don't want to purchase the text book, you will need to return this to Drs Hester and/or Gemma on Friday (after the exam, if you're taking the exam, or in G2 on Friday morning, if you're not taking the exam). IF YOU DON'T RETURN (OR YOU HAVE ANNOTATED) THE TEXT BOOK- WE WILL EXPECT YOU TO PAY FOR THE BOOK (£43)!

Week 3 Additional Resources

** For more details about the exam and revision arrangements, please review the information posted in the 'Useful Information' section **