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Online Resources

Pre University Summer School: Online Resources (picture is an abstract image of a lightbulb with learning symbols being radiated around the room around it.

We know online resources are not quite the same as coming to our fantastic summer school and meeting new people but until we can meet again, we’ve put together some helpful online resources which might be of interest to you while you’re spending more time learning from home.

Helpful academic resources relating to our Summer School courses from Warwick University

The Knowledge Centre explains through video, editorial features and audio podcasts by Warwick University academics and alumni.

What is data science? Find out from leading Warwick Academic, Professor Graham Cormode.

Go to the Computer Science Department

Currently studying law? Watch these YouTube lectures by our own Dr Mohsen Al Attar

Go to the Warwick Law Department

Free Weekly "Economics in the Real World" taster lectures with Abhinay Muthoo, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. Register for your place here.

Go to the Economics Department
Go to the Department's CAGE Research Centre

Read WBS’s magazine The Core for up-to-date business news, features and insights as well as download their own podcast.

Download various webinars/papers and PowerPoints in our free knowledge exchange.

Go to the Warwick Business School website

Health and Wellbeing

      Recommended Apps

        Help with meditation and calming your mind:



        Both of these apps can be found on your preferred App store.

        Recommended Websites

          These websites have great advice and support
          for your mental wellbeing and practical help:

          Stop Breathe Think

          The Mix
          A helpful article here from 'The Mix'
          for students during lockdown


          Previous Summer School Guest Speakers

          We’ve been very privileged to have some outstanding guest speakers at our Warwick Summer Schools over the years. To get a taste of the calibre of speakers we attract, see some of our previous guest speakers’ work below:
          • TEDx Academy Talk by Professor Jim Robinson on Why Nations Fail

          Watch on Youtube

          • Interview with Nobel Prize Winner, Professor George Akerlof

          Read the Interview Transcript

          • Vicky Pryce reading from her new book Women and Capitalism

          Watch on YouTube

          • TEDx Talk by Professor Andrew Oswald, Warwick Department of Economics talking about the Economics of Happiness

          Watch on YouTube

          • Professor Ken Binmore, Making Decision in Large Worlds

          Watch on YouTube

          • In conversation with Lord Robert Skidelsky

             Watch or Listen to the event
          • TED Talk by Professor Tali Sharot talking about The Optimism Bias

          Watch on TED

          • Professor Marie Claire Villeval talking about Unethical Behaviour: A Matter of Incentives and Punishment?

          Watch on YouTube

          • Professor David Myatt ‘Playing for the winning team’

          Watch on YouTube

          Free resources online

              Thinking ahead: Careers guidance

              University of Warwick - Careers Service

              Tips on applying for jobs, gaining experience, and CV building from Warwick’s Careers Department.

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              Thinking about your
              summer school for the future

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