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Warwick Summer School Pre-arrival

We are delighted that you will be joining us for the Warwick Summer School 2023. We are looking forward to meeting our diverse cohort of students from around the world.

There are a number of forms which we would like you to complete and some information we need you to provide ahead of your arrival. The forms are vitally important and you will not be able to join the Summer School without the completion and submission of these forms. Please ensure you complete all of the pre-arrival information requests by the deadline date specified in your onboarding email.

  • Please read our Warwick Values webpage
  • We take lots of photos during the Summer School which we will share with you on our Flickr page. Please sign our Image Consent Form.
  • Please complete the online Pre-arrival Form which collects information about your travel arrangements to and from the Warwick campus, your dietary requirements, gender pronoun preferences, medical and access requirements.

Warwick ID Card Card

When you join the programme, you will be given a Warwick ID Card which grants you access to buildings and the library. It is also a form of identification. You will be required to wear your lanyard with your ID card at all times. You can also use this form to upload a photo for your ID card which you will use to access facilities across campus including Wi-Fi. Please provide a recent headshot photograph of yourself in .jpeg, .png or .gif format on the onboarding form.

Photograph requirements:
The photo should be of good quality, and against a white or very light background and be at least 240px high x 240px wide. You should be looking straight ahead and your face and eyes must be clearly visible, if you wear glasses ensure there's no reflection and the frames don't obstruct your eyes. Please do not wear caps, hats and dark glasses in the photograph, religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.

The picture can be taken on a smart phone, and does not need to be a professional photograph but must meet the requirements above. Please ensure you send a correct photo so we can prepare your ID card in time.

Pre-Departure Briefings

We are hosting two Pre-departure Briefings for students and parents. These sessions will help to prepare you for the programme and what to expect. There will be the opportunity for questions as well. Please sign up for the briefings in advance.

Pre-departure Briefings Registration - LINK

Student Hub, Handbook and Joining Instructions

Once we have received all of your onboarding information, we will be sending out links to our online Student Hub which will contain your student handbook and information you need to know about the programme. During the Warwick Summer School, your teaching resources will be added to this Hub. We will also send your joining instructions.