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Living at Warwick

Studying at a university often means a huge move away from home. You may have waited for years for this to happen but it can still be scary. We recognise this at Warwick and start to make you feel at home even before you even join us. Once you have been allocated to one of our on campus residences, your team of Residential Tutors and Wardens will use the information you provided to help create flats and corridors of like-minded people. Although this can never be perfect it should mean that you hit it off with a good proportion of your new flatmates from day one.

Once you move in this team are there on call 24/7 if you need them. There is always someone to call on if you need help with anything in your building or just someone to share your concerns with, although they are also there to stop you partying noisily into the wee hours!

All residences on campus form great communities and often hold events ranging from BBQs, fireworks trips and inter-hall talent competitions!

Even though we have one of the largest campuses in the UK, our accommodation halls wrap around our academic and social buildings so you would never be more than 10 minutes walk from your bed to your lecture theatre! This also means that after a night out on campus you have a short, safe walk back with your friends.

If you choose not to live on campus, as most students have to in years 2 and beyond, then Warwick Accommodation either own or manage many houses in the Earlson area of Coventry or Leamington Spa. Even if you find a privately owned house then you can get advice and support around the contract process from our team so you are not left with a demon landlord.

So, now the hard part is to decide which of our halls you want to apply to live in. Some are older than others, some have shared bathrooms and some are brand new and ensuite, but don't be fooled, it's all about the people you are with and we regularly hear that some of the best times are had in the most surprising of halls.


"The highlights of studying at Warwick University stretch far beyond its impressive academic reputation however. Living in halls has to be one of the best experiences of my life so far. Feeling completely immersed in university life and the sense of community that radiates from the campus makes the transition from home to independence an exciting rather than daunting experience. Having come from a small city in the south of England I really enjoyed meeting so many new people, many of whom quickly turned intolifelong friends."

Hannah Forster, Second Year, German Studies

"One of my favourite things about living on Warwick campus is the Halls of Residence. There is a lovely sense of unity amongst everyone and I was shocked about how quickly I settled in and how we all immediately called our flat “home” (much to the dismay of our parents!)."

Mhairi Hay, First Year,Psychology

"I was nervous about leaving home and the thought of being thrown into complete independence while attempting to get a good degree scared me. When I got here, however, I felt instantly at home and relaxed. Upon speaking to my newly acquired housemates I found we were all in the same boat, feeling an equal mix of fear, excitement and anticipation. With this common bond we set out for our first night at the Students’ Union and have never looked back."

Becky Harris, Third Year, Maths & Physics