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Graduate Destinations

Every year, the Careers Service contact the previous year’s graduates to find out what they are doing. Most Warwick graduates enter employment after graduation, some go on to postgraduate study, while others take time out to travel.

Warwick graduates are represented everywhere and obtain work with some of the most prestigious employers, such as the major City banks, management consultancy firms, multinational companies and law firms. Other graduates join actuarial consultancies, accountancy firms, advertising agencies, PR consultancies and publishing companies. Warwick’s alumni can be found in the public sector too, in all levels of the Civil Service, the National Health Service, the Armed Forces, the Police or local government. Many enter journalism, museum work, TV companies, retail, charities, the voluntary sector… you name it and you will find a Warwick graduate there.

Graduate Destinations for 2007/2008

The most recent data available is for graduates from the academic year 2007/2008

Graduate Destinations 2008

Many people ask ‘What have graduates in my subject gone on to do?’ Some students use their degree in the jobs they do; others choose to use their degree, regardless of subject, as a stepping stone towards a career where they are using other skills and qualities, such as those developed from extra-curricular activities.

Once you have chosen your degree subject, don’t feel constrained by your choice – many employers are looking for a range of graduate skills, not necessarily subject knowledge. Locations vary as much as jobs. We have Warwick graduates in all parts of the world, from Coventry to Australia, from London to Japan. Graduates from last year are working in Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, Germany, Canada and Albania… and almost anywhere else you can think of.

    • A film and television studies graduate is now a BBC Sport Radio Journalist
    • An English and comparative literature studies graduate is an editorial assistant at Igloo Books Ltd
    • A graduate of French studies now teaches at the British Council
    • A German studies graduate works at Bloomberg as an analyst
    • A graduate of history is now a pilot in the RAF
    • An Italian studies graduate is now a marketing assistant with the RSC
    • A biological sciences graduate is now a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong
    • A chemistry graduate now works as a journalist with the Royal Society of Chemistry
    • A graduate of computer sciences now works as a project manager for Cisco Systems
    • An engineering graduate is now a graduate structures engineer with AMEY
    • A mathematics graduate now works at GCHQ
    • A physics graduate is a plasma physicist with the Ministry of Defence
    • A graduate of philosophy now teaches English in Russia
    • A politics graduate is a political assistant at the European Parliament

    For more detailed information on graduate destinations, visit the Student Careers and Skills website


    • In 2009, over 80% of Warwick students who progressed into employment were working in graduate level jobs six months after graduating
    • Warwick is one of only six UK universities in the ‘Inner Circle’ from which top city firms recruit
    • Warwick is in the top three of the High Fliers group of universities highly targeted by employers
    • Almost 70% of graduate jobs now don’t require a specific discipline: students are recruited on the basis of the skills they have acquired during their degree at Warwick to equip them for the world of work.