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Graduate Destinations

Once you have chosen your degree subject, don’t feel constrained by your choice - many employers are looking for a range of graduate skills, not necessarily subject knowledge. Almost 70% of graduate jobs now don’t require a specific discipline.

Most of our graduates enter employment after graduation, some go on to postgraduate study, whilst others take time out to travel. Each year, Student Careers & Skills at Warwick carry out a survey to find out exactly what graduates are doing. See the latest results.

Where our graduates are now

My role involves working across the marketing and publicity for the titles that we distribute around the UK and often worldwide. Warwick gave me first and foremost the confidence to know what I was talking about; this was through both my wonderful degree and the extra society activities I took part in. I grew confident at networking and being about to talk about my work – which is massively important.

I have my degree to thank for the writing that I do for Front Row Reviews – specifically Film Aesthetics and Theories of the Moving Image, which really taught me how to look at film and be able to write about them. Hollywood, British Cinema, Spanish Cinema and Film History gave me a brilliant
grounding in my knowledge of the history of film but also grew my appreciation and interest in foreign language film.

Generally though, the sheer amount of films that I watched gave me an indication of all the kinds of films out there and the many opportunities for different kinds of storytelling.

Ollie Charles
Film with Television Studies graduate 2012, Marketing Executive, Picturehouse Entertainment

During my Physics degree there was a huge amount of support, but it was also incredibly challenging. As a Physics undergraduate, you will be pushed to think logically and apply a variety of theories to an unfamiliar application – it is difficult but incredibly rewarding when you solve the problem.

I’ve found that the problem-solving skills this course requires and develops are highly regarded in any industry by any employer. Physics at Warwick provides incredible flexibility to take modules from other departments – I took Spanish and a business module and have now gone down a business-related career path.

You will be surrounded by incredibly intelligent people who will push you to achieve your full potential. There is very little you cannot do with a Physics degree from Warwick.

Rachel Woodbridge-Stocks
BSc Physics graduate 2014, Territory Manager (EMEA), Geotech UK

After graduation I began working for the Students’ Union as a Welfare Officer, leading on welfare-related campaigns and representing students on welfare issues. After Warwick I moved to London and gained a place on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, working as a Project Manager in a Mental Health Trust and as a Service Manager running several busy hospital departments.

Following this I went travelling around Asia and Africa. Then on my return to the UK I continued my NHS career as a Business Performance Manager. I still work for the NHS but my career path has taken a different route, moving from operational management to service improvement.

Stephanie Jones
BA Sociology graduate 2008

What employers say about us

“At Warwick we know to expect students who are not only academically strong, but who are also rounded individuals and up for the challenge of the world beyond university.”
Travers Smith LLP

“At PwC we’ve recruited a number of students from Warwick. These students come from a wide variety of degree backgrounds, and demonstrate the key skills and attributes that PwC looks for.”

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