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Academic life

Follow your passions

Our teaching and learning is your gateway into an international community of curiosity. Study the subjects you’re most passionate about, and find new understanding by learning outside of your core discipline.

Teaching and Learning

Our expert teachers are among some of the world’s best researchers. This means that, regardless of your subject, you’ll have access to some of the latest innovation and thinking.

You’ll also play an active role in developing your own learning, whether that’s working alongside academics on research projects, using role-play and drama to provide a new perspective or collaborating on a group project.

By immersing yourself in Warwick’s approach to learning, you’ll develop an agility of thinking that’ll set you apart well after you complete your studies.


Our campus is designed to cater for all of your learning needs. And, we’re constantly reimagining how to make this space both welcoming and intellectually enriching.

You can benefit from a variety of flexible, well-equipped study spaces and teaching facilities across the University. The Oculus, our outstanding learning hub, houses state-of-the-art lecture theatres and innovative social learning and network areas. The University Library provides access to over one million printed works and tens of thousands of electronic journals, and you'll find flexibile individual and group study spaces in our three Learning Grids.

Study abroad

There are many opportunities for you to study abroad, including:

  • Intercalated year - Many departments will support you to take an intercalated year overseas for study or work. This is an optional arrangement that extends the duration of your degree for one year
  • Study abroad as part of your course - Some of our courses include time studying abroad as part of your degree. You'll find more details by searching for your course.
  • Monash-Warwick Alliance - Our close partnership with Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, provides further opportunities to spend time studying overseas.