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Transcript for 'Moving to Warwick'

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A perfect stepping stone

"Moving onto campus was the perfect sort of stepping stone between living at home and independent life. I was nervous at first obviously, I think most people are, but I really found my feet quite quickly here on a campus which i think is sort of one of the great things about having a campus in itself rather than going straight into the city life." (Student 1)

Mix of life

"I guess you get the mix of both campus life in first year, but then also the opportunity to live in a town or a city in your second year either Coventry or Leamington. It's really kind of a nice balance but I don't suppose you get it at many other universities." (Student 2)

The first day

"The first day was a bit hectic, everyone was moving in your meeting so many people, but it was a sort of fun hectic and the first week generally was like that you know meeting lots of people were making new friends, settling in. But I did really enjoy it was a really fun time." (Student 3)

Living with new people

I think living with eight new people is such a cool and different experience, and some people get scared of that. I was scared at the start but it actually wasn't scary, it just got amazing because you met eight new people and it was really great." (Student 4)

A few minutes away

"I love the idea that I would live on campus in my first year and that I'd be able to walk five minutes somewhere and all my friends would be there. And I loved the idea that we could meet up for coffee and didn't have to go across London, just it was all there." (Student 5)

"Everything is within 15 minutes of everything else. The accommodation team are fantastic." (Student 6)

"The residential life team as well are there to support you in any sort of aspect during a university life." (Student 7)


"So most people do feel homesick in their first week at Warwick, whether you've come from this country or another. But the good thing about Warwick is when you've just arrived here, they'll put you in accommodation within the first years and other people in the same situation as you. And, you'll share a corridor share a kitchen with them and so there'll always be someone to talk to." (Student 7)

Meeting people from all over the world

"It's really enjoyable. My flatmates come from Dubai, Singapore, France, and all over England even, I'm the only one in my flat out of 8 who's from London. It's so nice to like meet people who are so different to me, but then find common ground with them." (Student 8)

Life on campus

"Moving onto campus was a fantastic experience, and was also the best way that I could make new friends as soon as I came to University. We would spend a lot of time in the communal spaces, we would get takeaway, we go out to the SU." (Student 9)

Community feel

"There was definitely a real sense of community in our flat, and I still live with a couple of my original flatmates now so we kind of maintained that." (Student 10)

"I have to say living in Jack Martin last probably the best time of my life. I made some amazing friends, four of whom I'm currently living with." (Student 11)

"You were thrown into an environment where every single second you were meeting a new person. And that was great because, a new place, you just want to keep meeting new people. You want to get accustomed to that environment, and get used to the people that you're going to be seeing every day. So that was really really nice. And, I think the community feel is still there today. Even though I'm not living on campus, I still feel like I'm part of a community when I enter campus every day." (Student 12)

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