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The Warwick Advantage

Graduate recruiters often complain that students have many valuable skills and experiences but don’t necessarily know how to articulate these effectively on application forms or in interviews. This is where the Warwick Advantage can help Warwick students to do justice to their skills, talents and contributions to life away from the lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

The Warwick Advantage is about making the most of your time at Warwick and taking advantage of the many opportunities available at the university to explore new interests, further personal development and develop your skills in order to stand out to from everybody else when approaching prospective employers.

When graduate recruiters are viewing applications and making decisions about who they wish to shortlist, they are looking at a range of criteria which will enable them to decide who they wish to consider and fundamental to this process will be your academic achievement to date and predicted degree grade.

Given that many applicants will pass this initial sift, recruiters will then look at your skills and experiences and what opportunities you have taken to develop these and the Warwick Advantage website can help you 'translate' your skills and experiences effectively into what graduate recruiters are looking for.

The Warwick Advantage website acts as a portal through which you can access extra-curricular activities such as Warwick Skills Certificate courses, student societies and media groups, Warwick Volunteers and the Careers service, as well as provide a means to record and reflect on your development through blogs and journals.

By engaging with these activities and services you can increase your self awareness, identify the skills you have as well as acquire those that you may need for your chosen career path.
  • This term also sees the launch of the Warwick Advantage Award, which is the result of a collaboration between the University and the Students’ Union, providing students with the opportunity to achieve formal University recognition and reward for all the time and effort they put into extra-curricular activities. For more information visit the Students' Union website.