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Student Finance for UK/EU full-time undergraduate students beginning degrees in 2012

Following the recent review of Higher Education funding and student finance by Lord Browne, and the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review, funding arrangements for full-time undergraduates will change significantly for those beginning their studies in Autumn 2012. Legislation is currently making its way through Parliament which will permit universities to increase the fee charged to home and EU undergraduates to between £6,000 and £9,000 per annum, and will put in place an appropriate support package including loans and bursaries to enable students to fund their studies.

We currently understand that:

  • Students will not be required to pay any fees upfront, fee payments will be fully funded through non-means tested government loans. Repayment of loans will start when the graduate's income reaches £21,000, and current projections suggest that a graduate earning £25,000 per annum will repay approximately £6.92 per week
  • Applicants who apply in the 2010/11 cycle to take up a deferred place in 2012 will not be exempt from any increased fee. Any applicant who has already applied to Warwick for deferred 2012 entry but who wishes instead to be considered for 2011 entry should contact the admissions office on by 15 January 2011
  • Students who begin their courses in 2011 will pay a fee of £3,375 in the first year with inflationary increases in subsequent years, and current student support arrangements will continue for the duration of their courses
  • Current continuing undergraduates will not be affected by these changes, they will be subject to the same fee (with increases for inflation) and support package as that in place when they started their courses for the duration of their courses.

The University of Warwick is currently discussing the implications of the new fee arrangements and will come to a decision on the appropriate level of fees to be charged once the full implications of the new funding regime become clearer during 2011.