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What does it involve?


To complete the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award, you will:

  1. Commit to volunteering, a skill and a sport for between 6 and 18 months
  2. Complete a 4 day expedition
  3. Go on a 5 day residential experience
    • Volunteering - taking part in volunteering work that will help people in the local community, e.g. Oxfam, RAG, Warwick Volunteers, St. John Ambulance
    • Skills- pursue a hobby, develop a new skill or interest, e.g. singing, learning a language, playing an instrument, learning to drive
    • Physical - becoming involved in some form of sporting activity, e.g. football, badminton, tennis, yoga, archery, dancing

    To get an idea of what you could do for each section, see this section of the website.


    You will train for, plan and complete two Expeditions of four days and three nights. During the Expedition you will be completely self sufficient, carrying all that you need to survive for 4 days in the wild. See the main Expedition section of our website for full information on how we organise Expeditions.


    Undertake a shared activity with people you have never met before in a residential setting away from home for five days and four nights, e.g. watersports, cookery lessons, environmental work, charity work abroad, leadership course with the cadets

      How long will it take?

      • You need to spend at least one hour a week on each activity
      • You don't have to do all sections at the same time
      • There is flexibility in how long you spend in each section
      • You can 'pause' a section over the holidays if you can't carry it on at home. Alternatively you can carry on the same activity at a different location
      • If you have completed the Silver award, then you can do slightly shorter timescales than direct entrants.

      Get Started!

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