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Equal Opportunities

One of the main principles of the Award is to commit to equal opportunities. The Award is available to all young people (aged 14-25) who choose to take up the challenge. The Award is a programme of personal and social development.

Our society abides by all the principles of the Award and strives to achieve equal opportunities. We are proud to say that we have an intake of members with culturally diverse backgrounds, of different age and from undergraduates to postgraduates.

If you feel that you have difficulties completing the expedition part of the award (e.g. Down’s syndrome, physical disabilities, etc.), please let us know because the Award is based on the minimum hours of planned activity per day, which can mean less journeying and more project work, thus this could be aimed specifically at your abilities. If you have back problems, you do not have to carry a rucksack during the expedition as well. All in all, the Award is designed to be available to all and flexible towards the needs of its participants. We also have connections with the Coventry branch of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, so if you want to participate in explorations, we will be able to help you with the arrangements.

Should you have any other circumstances that make you feel deprived of your opportunity to do the Award, please do not hesitate to contact us.