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Why join us?

There are hundreds of reasons why it is a great idea to do your DofE Award at University, and more importantly, with us!


The Exec are there to guide you through the Award system. We deal with all the administration leaving you to get on with doing your Award. If you ever have any problems or questions we are able to get back to you with a solution or answer immediately, so you don't have to waste your time waiting.


We organise our own Practice and Qualifying Expeditions each summer, dealing with all the paperwork so you don't have to. The Expeditions are also heavily subsidised, making them less than half the price of doing them with an Activity Provider or by yourselves. We are also able to provide lots of the camping equipment, and it is possible to externally hire some other kit, so you don't to invest in new waterproofs and sleeping bags!


Not only are our Expeditions cheap, but we even subsidise the one-off cost of signing up to the Award in the first place. It will cost next to nothing to do the other sections at Warwick University, as it is so cheap to join Sports Clubs and Societies.


There are literally hundreds of Sports Clubs and Societies which you can use to completed all sections of the Award, there really isn't a better time to do DofE than at University!


Our Society is very social, we can guarantee you'll have fun and meet new people as you complete your Award painlessly with us. Get Started.