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Skill Suggestions

Below is just a small selection of our favourite skills, and some links to Societies and Sports Clubs at Warwick who can help. Remember that you may be able to count an activity you are already doing on a regular basis before starting the award, so be sure to check if that qualifies before worrying about picking something new.

Performing Arts

1. Scan through the list of ideas on this page, it contains some links (some of which are to Society pages) all for your own convenience. If you choose any of these activities and plan in properly in accordance with DofE rules, it should be accepted for approval without too much hassle.


2. Make sure to check the list of Warwick SU Societies that you can join on the SU website for another fairly extensive list. Most of the societies are suitable for your Skill Section, however quite a few may not be (discuss with your Skills Mentor with specific queries).

Life Skills

3. For general guidelines and a huge list of ideas, see This list is straight from the DofE website, so if it’s on this list then it’s almost certain that it may be accepted as your Skill Section activity, if you plan it properly.

Creative Arts

4. Look at the list of Warwick SU Sports Clubs for any sports activities that have a technical nature to them (rather than being a purely physical sport such as jogging). These can sometimes be used in your Skills Section *(Certain conditions apply, see more information in the blue box below). The list of Warwick SU Sports Clubs (only some of which are suitable for your Skills Section) is given here (Definitely check with mentor before uploading to eDofE)

5. If you’re still out of ideas, use the internet and have a surf around the web, ask fellow DofE participants, or ask your friends and family (or generally people who know the sort of things you might like) for any other Skills activities ideas that may be suitable specifically for yourself.

6. Ask your DofE Skills Mentor. For participants doing DofE in the academic year 2017/18, your Skills Mentor is Jack Adams ( But the chances are that he won’t be able to come up with any additional ideas to those seen on any of the lists mentioned in earlier steps, but may be able to help you to revisit ideas you may have overlooked earlier.

7. If your Skills mentor is particularly busy at that time and doesn’t respond immediately (or is just generally a bit useless), or you are simply still unsure, subsequently you may ask any member of the DofE leadership team (Mentors, Supervisors, Assessors, or Exec members), and they will most likely be happy to help. Just remember that it is ultimately not their individual role within the Warwick DofE Society to help you through the Skill section of your eDofE, so be please be understanding if they don’t answer you straight away, although most DofE leaders will try to anyway because they all want to help you pass the award.