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My name's Amy Pattison, and I'm the social sec for the 17/18 academic year!

I've got some really exciting events planned for this year, although these are just vague ideas at this point- details and bookings will be sorted out closer to the event.

To be kept updated, you can give your email to us (via Facebook or email, or like our Facebook and/or instagram account.

The plan for the year so far is:

Term 1

  • ´╗┐Week 3, Monday - Basement Browns
  • Week 4, Monday - Lazer Quest
  • Week 5, Saturday - Night Hike to the Kenilworth Fireworks
  • Week 8, Monday - Games Night
  • Week 10, Monday - Ice Skating

Term 2

  • Week 1, Thursday - Bowling
  • Week 3, Wednesday - Pop!
  • Week 7, Weekend - Thorpe Park (tbc)
  • Week 10, Xananas Meal

Term 3

  • ´╗┐Week 9 - Movie Day
  • Week 10 - Warwick Castle

If you have any ideas for socials that you want to happen, feel free to contact me via the society gmail or Facebook and I'll see what I can do.