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The Exec. Committee 2013 - 2014

Please email: exec at warwickrev dot org for general enquiries such as booking us for events
The Exec. is elected by the choir every year, just before Easter, if you wish to run for the exec or would like any more information please contact us.
This is the Exec. Committee for 2013/2014.

President - Josh Green : president at warwickrev dot org


The President aims to promote 100% smiles in every rehearsal, but also has to:

  • Delegate - Make sure roles and responsibilities are delegated throughout the Exec.
  • Chair and create agendas - These are for the weekly Exec. meeting. Any member of the choir can come to an Exec. meeting.

Secretary / Vice-President - Hanna Bostock : secretary at warwickrev dot org


The job of Secretary unsuprisingly involves a lot of administrative duties, such as:

  • Sending out weekly Yay! Mails
  • Reading and replying to exec. emails
  • Taking, typing up and sending out minutes of Exec. meetings
  • Checking the pigeon hole and arranging meeting rooms.

The secretary also acts as the Environment Secretary for the Exec.

The added role of Vice-President means that the Secretary has the responsibility of deputising for the President if they are unavailable.

    Treasurer - Sussie Anie : treasurer at warwickrev dot org

    sussietres The role of the Treasurer is pretty obvious: they look after the money.

    The main bulk of the job involves liasing with the Union and making sure all the correct forms are filled in and given to right people at the right time. They have to advise other members of the Exec. on the feasibility of spending (Rev) money.

    The treasurer also sells all of our wonderful merchandise, such as mugs, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and hoodies!

    National Representative - Mike Webb : nationalrep at warwickrev dot org

    nationalrep Main parts of the job:
    • Keeping Warwick Rev in touch with other Revelation choirs.
    • Attending National Forum with other National Reps and the National Coordinator to discuss the future of Revelation. This happens at least once a term.
    • Promote national events to the choir, such as weekends away and WiM.
    • Help to arrange accommodation and activities for the Piazza weekend.
    National Revelation website:

    Environment Coordinator - Mike Webb : environment at warwickrev dot org


    The Environment coordinator is basically a happiness monitor!

    Main parts of the job:

    • Making rehearsals a fun, friendly and fab place to be - If you have any probs/comments about anything to do with Rev i'm the person to chat to!
    • Coordinating drinks and sweets during rehearsals - The sweets are usually Haribo (most popular happiness enhancer), but vegetarian alternatives are available!
    • Socials - I coordinate regular socials which are varied and often and range in price and type so there's something for everyone.
    • Make sure the Aims and Values are maintained - If you don't get the warm fuzzy feeling from Revelation I need to know about it! All Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs are founded on the same set of Aims and Values - that's what makes Rev so unique...

    Music Coordinator - Ben Huntley: music at warwickrev dot org


    The main parts of the Music Coordinator job are:

    • Deciding with the Band Coordinator on the songs that the choir sings during the term
    • Ensuring that music is arranged for the choir and that there is someone to teach, conduct and do the solo parts
    • Training up new soloists & conductors
    • Working with the Concert coordinator to have a good balance of songs for performances

    The Music coordinator decides what we will do in each rehearsal and draws up a timetable in advance, so that the people involved know what they are doing and that all of the songs that need to be learnt are learnt.

    Concert Coordinator - Claire Westrop: concert at warwickrev dot org


    As you might have gathered from the name, the concert coordinator organises the where, when and how of concerts.

    This includes:
    • Booking venues
    • Organising sound, lighting, and possibly recording equipment
    • Arranging a timetable for the concert day
    • Managing the concert team

     Media and Publicity Coordinator - Jess Strike: publicity at warwickrev dot org


    The Media and Publicity Coordinator basically has to publicise the choir and its concerts, to spread Revvy joy as far as possible!

    Main parts of the job:

    • Arranging Fresher's Fair and associated publicity
    • Producing posters and tickets for concerts and events
    • Keeping the website updated
    • Coordinating merchandise production


    Band Coordinator - Jon Barnes-Nunn:

    jon.jpgThe Band Coordinator organises the band and the music they play. They also work with the Music Coordinator in some of their activites.
    The main parts of the Band Coordinator job are:
    • Deciding with the Music Coordinator on the songs that the choir sings during the term
    • Ensuring that music is arranged for the band and that there is someone to play each instrumental part
    • Training up new musicians through the organisation of a tutoring scheme