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COP26 delegates

COP26 delegates
University of Warwick academics and experts at COP26

Lory Barile

Associate Professor - Economics

Lory Barile's profile

Michael Bradshaw

Professor of Global Energy in the Strategy and International Business Group - Warwick Business School

Michael Bradshaw's profile

David Chapman

Sustainability Champion – Estates

David Chapman's profile

Elizabeth Chant

Assistant Professor, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Elizabeth Chant's profile

Stuart Coles

Reader and Deputy Director of Research Degrees at WMG, University of Warwick

Stuart Coles' profile

Volkan Degirmenci

Associate Professor, School of Engineering

Volkan Degirmenci's profile

Parvez Islam

Director of Transport, Future Mobility & Sustainability

Parvez Islam's profile

Margot James

Executive Chair, WMG

Margot James' profile

Jacob Jefferson

Democracy and Development Officer at University of Warwick Students' Union

Jacob Jefferson's profile

Pietari Kaapa

Reader, Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies

Pietari Kaapa's profile

Kerry Kirwan

Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor (Research)

Kerry Kirwan's profile

Caroline Kuzemko

Associate Professor, Politics and International Studies

Caroline Kuzemko's profile

Alice Mah

Professor, Sociology

Alice Mah's profile

Emma Macdonald

Professor of Marketing, Warwick Business School

Emma Macdonald's profile

Graeme Macdonald

Professor, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Graeme Macdonald's profile

Adrian Penfold OBE

Member of Governing Council at the University of Warwick

Adrian Penfold OBE's profile

Jessica Savage

Assistant Professor, Global Sustainable Development

Jessica Savage's profile

Hendrik Schaefer

Professor in Microbiology, School of Life Sciences

Hendrik Schaefer's profile

Jonathan Skinner

Reader in English and Comparative Literary Studies

Jonathan Skinner's profile

Hugh Wilson

Professor of Marketing, Warwick Business School

Hugh Wilson's profile