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Cut the Flow: Warwick's energy and water saving competition

Cut the Flow is an inter-block energy and water saving competition across the halls of residence on campus. Two prizes are awarded at the end of each term to the block that reduces their (1) energy and (2) water consumption the most.

Why should you get involved?

  • Win prizes for your hall
  • Learn good habits for when you have to pay your own bills
  • Help the environment

      • Turn off the lighting even when leaving a room for a short time
      • Turning off equipment (ovens, hobs, laptops etc.) when not in use. Electrical appliances must be turned off from the source (plug socket) as even items that are on standby still use energy.
      • Cook and shopping together
      • Set your washing machine to wash your clothes at 30 degrees Celsius. Washing clothes at 30 degrees uses around 40 per cent less electricity over a year than washing at higher temperatures.You don’t have to wash your clothing after every single use, it’s actually bad for the clothes and releases small plastic bits called micro plastics which pollute the environment.
      • Only boil as much water as you need, because, by only boiling what you need each day, in one year you would save enough energy to run a fridge-freezer for nearly a year
      • If you have to buy an electrical appliance ensure it is energy efficient

      • Take shorter showers; for each minute you save you reduce water consumption by 12 litres (and that saves energy taken to heat the water and emissions created to clean it).
      • Snub the tub and avoid baths as they use more water than showers.
      • Turn tap off while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face.
      • Always wash your dishes in a washing up bowl or use a plug, rather than under a running tap. A bowl will keep the warm water together without requiring you to constantly waste hot water. Water in the UK is clean enough to do this with without concerns over cleanliness
      • Report drips, leaks and constantly flushing toilets.
      • Always use cold water if you don't need hot.
      • Cold water is safe to drink from the taps - you can even refill a water bottle to reduce plastics. Download Refill to your phone.
      • Depending which country you are from you may need to consider taking more/less showers than you would need to at home

      • If you get cold ensure you have appropriate clothing on before turning up the heating e.g. a jumper
      • Turn your Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) off before you open a window. (ensure to keep your room well ventilated to avoid damp)

      Some interesting facts about water at University of Warwick:

      • Warwick students use on average 153 litres per person per day of water in their rooms. That is equivalent to the national average. However, the national average includes those having access to hosepipes, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

      For specific flat energy consumption data please contact with your student ID, accommodation name, flat and block numbers.