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Sustainable Warwick Induction

At Warwick environmental sustainability is one of our main priorities.

There will be a Pay As You Feel Market during arrivals week for kitchen/household items and clothing. Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Find out more about:

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions from our buildings and have a Carbon Management Plan in place as well as on campus generation.

You can preorder kitchen equipment and other items to be delivered to your rooms before you arrive by visiting UniKitOut.

We encourage everyone at Warwick to reuse, reduce, and recycle so:

Look out for retail promotions of vegan and vegetarian foods on campus and aim to buy local.

There are lots of opportunities for you to become more involved with sustainability. You can join a sustainability society or group, apply to the SU Environmental Sustainability Fund, or become a Green Champion. You can always learn more about sustainability by attending our sustainability lectures, events and talks.

You can find the apps mentioned in the video on the apps page.

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