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Recycling: Warwick Swap

Please read our How to use Warwick Swap guide before advertising/requesting an item as it contains an important update regarding furniture re-use and COVID-19.

Warwick Swap is a place to advertise your department's used furniture and equipment, and to see what items other departments have advertised that may be of use to your department.

If you can't see the item your department needs listed below, feel free to post a request in our Warwick Swap forum.

You're only allowed to advertise University-owned items for re-use on campus, with no exchange of money involved. University-owned items must not be removed from campus for home use.

If the item you no longer need has some potential value, you may be able to sell it through UniGreenScheme and get some money back for it.

The IDF&E team has a store of second hand items to be re-used across campus, please email to let us know if you need something not listed below.
Warwick Swap for Stationery

If you have used stationery, or are interested in finding used stationery from other departments, take a look:

Warwick Swap: Stationery

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