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Furniture Re-use Process

The furniture removal process has been reviewed and amended to create a more efficient, customer-focussed approach which maximises furniture re-use on campus, donations to charities and recycling while reducing the amount of furniture going to landfill. This embraces Warwick’s desire for a more circular economy while making it simpler for staff to have their redundant furniture removed.

The new process for furniture removal is as follows, noting that this is for a single or small number of items. Larger furniture removal requests will be dealt with on an individual basis and may see the department incur additional costs for skip hire etc.

Step 1: Department no longer requires an item of furniture. Step 2: Department submits a

To ensure GDPR compliance, it is the department’s responsibility to ensure any lockable items of furniture have been cleared of all documents prior to removal. If the department is unable to open the drawers/doors they will need to submit a request to the Estates ServiceDesk to ask for the doors/drawers to be opened, locked items of furniture will not be removed from the department.

Please click here to submit a furniture removal request.

Please ensure you attach a photo to your request, failure to do so will delay the triage process. Please note that only 1 file can be attached per request up to a maximum size of 4MB, if your request relates to multiple items please collate the images into a single document and attach this.

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